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  1., February 2017
    KINETyS: Constraining spatial variations of the stellar initial mass function in early-type galaxies
    Padraig D. Alton, Russell J. Smith, John R. Lucey;
  2., September 2015
    The IMF-sensitive 1.14-micron Na I doublet in early-type galaxies
    Russell J. Smith, Padraig Alton, John R. Lucey, Charlie Conroy, David Carter;
  3., October 2006
    Abundant dust found in intergalactic space
    E. Xilouris, P. Alton, J. Alikakos, K. Xilouris, P. Boumis, C. Goudis;
  4., June 2004
    The emissivity of dust grains in spiral galaxies
    P. B. Alton, E. M. Xilouris, A. Misiriotis, K. M. Dasyra, M. Dumke;
  5., April 2002
    Mapping the submillimeter spiral wave in NGC 6946
    P. B. Alton, S. Bianchi, J. Richer, D. Pierce-Price, F. Combes;
  6., May 2000
    Monte Carlo Predictions of Far-Infrared Emission from Spiral Galaxies
    S. Bianchi, J. I. Davies, P. B. Alton;
  7., March 2000
    Dust properties of external galaxies; NGC 891 revisited
    P. B. Alton, E. M. Xilouris, S. Bianchi, J. Davies, N. Kylafis;
  8., December 1999
    SCUBA observations of NGC 6946
    S. Bianchi, J. Davies, P. Alton, M. Gerin, F. Casoli;
  9., October 1999
    ISO observations of spirals: modelling the FIR emission
    Simone Bianchi, Paul B. Alton, Jonathan I. Davies;
  10., September 1999
    Effects of Clumping on the Observed Properties of Dusty Galaxies
    Simone Bianchi, Andrea Ferrara, Jon Davies, Paul Alton;
  11., February 1999
    Dust Emissivity in the Far-Infrared
    Simone Bianchi, Jonathan I. Davies, Paul B. Alton;
  12., June 1998
    SCUBA imaging of NGC 7331 dust ring
    S. Bianchi, P. B. Alton, J. I. Davies, M. Trewhella;