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  1., February 2018
    Searching for propeller-phase ULXs in the XMM-Newton Serendipitous Source Catalogue
    H. P. Earnshaw, T. P. Roberts, R. Sathyaprakash;
  2., February 2017
    Soft Extragalactic X-Ray Binaries at the Eddington Threshold
    Hannah M. Earnshaw, Timothy P. Roberts;
  3., December 2016
    From ultraluminous X-ray sources to ultraluminous supersoft sources: NGC 55 ULX, the missing link
    C. Pinto, W. Alston, R. Soria, M. J. Middleton, D. J. Walton, A. D. Sutton, A. C. Fabian, H. Earnshaw, R. Urquhart, E. Kara, T. P. Roberts;
  4., December 2015
    A variable ULX and possible IMBH candidate in M51a
    Hannah M. Earnshaw, Timothy P. Roberts, Lucy M. Heil, Mar Mezcua, Dominic J. Walton, Chris Done, Fiona A. Harrison, George B. Lansbury, Matthew J. Middleton, Andrew D. Sutton;
  5., October 2015
    An Intermediate-Mass Black Hole Candidate in M51?
    H. M. Earnshaw;