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  1., April 2018
    ALMACAL IV: A catalogue of ALMA calibrator continuum observations
    M. Bonato, E. Liuzzo, A. Giannetti, M. Massardi, G. De Zotti, S. Burkutean, V. Galluzzi, M. Negrello, I. Baronchelli, J. Brand, M. A. Zwaan, K. L. J. Rygl, N. Marchili, A. Klitsch, I. Oteo;
  2., November 2017
    ALMACAL III: A combined ALMA and MUSE Survey for Neutral, Molecular, and Ionised Gas in an HI-Absorption-Selected System
    A. Klitsch, C. Peroux, M. A. Zwaan, I. Smail, I. Oteo, A. D. Biggs, G. Popping, A. M. Swinbank;
  3., November 2016
    Spatially resolved star formation relation in two HI-rich galaxies with central post-starburst signature
    Anne Klitsch, Martin A. Zwaan, Harald Kuntschner, Warrick J. Couch, Michael B. Pracy, Matt Owers;