Centre for Extragalactic Astronomy

Financial Travel Request Form for Academic and Research Staff

** Remember this form is for STAFF - if you are a postgraduate STUDENT you should fill out this form **


Please complete the form below, select the relevant authoriser and submit the completed form by pressing the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page. You will be emailed a copy of your submission. Please try and complete this a minimum of three weeks before your travel! We cannot guarantee that last minutes requests will be processed in time.
You can view your requests on the departmental database via the the 'CEA/ICC Travel' link found under 'Departmental Administration'.


Assuming all is OK, you will receive an email authorising your trip. After you have received this authorisation you will be able to go ahead and arrange travel.

For flights please obtain a quote yourself from Dawson and Sanderson (corporate.travel@travelco.co.uk). Once you are happy with the quote ask one of the Astronomy secretaries to provide a purchase order number. For hotel booking, low cost airline flight bookings, rail tickets, conference registration payments and any other questions regarding travel also get in touch with one of the secretaries.


All expenses claims must be submitted through the People+ portal. The online expenses claim form can be accessed through your People+ account

The email you receive authorising your trip will contain a grant number/account code that you should select to charge any expenses to. Please ensure you select the correct grant number otherwise you risk having your claim rejected by the Finance Office.

Please note: The grant number you will be given is relevant only for the specific trip that has been authorised.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For overseas travel you must complete your online travel insurance form on VIATOR https://apps.dur.ac.uk/travel.forms/ (you will not be insured by the University unless you fill this out!).

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All costs should be given in GBP.

1. Your CIS Username
2. Departure date:
3. Return date:
4. Destination(s):
Is the trip entirely within the UK? Yes: ; No:
5. Reason for trip and short description (e.g. conference, workshop, collaboration; in case of conference/workshop please answer Q6 and Q7 below)
6. Title of Conference/Workshop
7. Will you be giving a talk/presenting a poster/paper? Yes: ; No:
8. Total estimated cost of trip in £ (travel accommodation, subsistence, conference fees etc) (number only, no text please) £
9. Please provide a rough breakdown of the above costs:
10. Is there anything else you would like to add?
11. I herewith confirm that I will complete the online travel insurance form on VIATOR as soon as my trip has been authorised Yes: ; No:
12. Authoriser:
This is the person who can authorise grant expenditure. For the consolidated grant, CEA staff should choose Dave/Alastair, and ICC staff Carlos/Shaun. The other grants listed belong to individuals, apart from the PATT travel grant.

** Remember this form is for STAFF - if you are a postgraduate STUDENT you should fill out this form **