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High Energy Astrophysics

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13 June 2012: Durham University joins NASA mission to determine source of the cosmic X-ray background. Press release

The high energy astrophysics (HEA) group at Durham comprises several staff members, postdocs, PhD and Masters students collected into several smaller sub-groups. The broad aim of the HEA group is to obtain a better understanding of high energy phenomena associated with accretion onto compact objects. This work naturally complements the work carried out by other groups within the Physics department, such as Extragalactic Astronomy and the Institute for Computational Cosmology.

Undergraduate and postgraduate students working in the HEA group have the opportunity to make use of state-of-the-art facilities including ground-based telescopes (e.g. ESO's VLT), infrared satellites (e.g. ESA's Herschel), X-ray satellites (e.g. ESA's XMM-Newton) and the HESS gamma-ray experiment.

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The High Energy Astrophysics Group is just one part of the Astronomy & Astrophysics research at Durham.

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