PS1 PV3 Summary Stack Imager

This tool provides g+r+i colour images from the 3pi summary stacks (4" resolution binned images created from the normal stacks, each covering one PS1 projection cell).
No mosaicing is available, so images which are at the edge of a summary stack will be cut off.

Object name: or RA (decimal degrees): Dec (decimal degrees):
then select ...
Field width (in 4" pixels): (up to maximum width of a summary stack, which is about 4 degrees - 3600 pixels)
Display brightness factor: (sensible range is roughly 0.25 - good for stars - to 2 - for low surface brightness features)
Data scaling: Logarithmic; Square root

*** If you want the full resolution images you need to go to the STScI PS1 Image Access page ***