What Matter(s) Around Galaxies

Resolving the physics of the Circum-Galactic Medium.

Ogden Centre West, Durham University, 19th-23rd June 2017.
Pre-registration and abstract submission now open

Image Credit: Robert Gendler/Adrien Thob/RMB

Scientific Rationale

What matters around galaxies? To tackle this question, this conference will bring together the leading experts of studies of the intergalactic and circumgalactic medium (CGM), using different methodologies (analytic theory, numerical simulations, observations) and tracers (from radio to optical, to X-ray). Specifically, we aim to discuss the following key questions:

  1. What is the origin and fate of the CGM?
  2. What are the morphological and physical properties of the CGM?
  3. What are the physical processes that shape the CGM on both large (kpc) and small (pc) scales?
  4. What is the relation between the CGM and galaxy properties?
  5. How does the CGM evolve and what can we learn by comparing different epochs and tracers?

Contributions in the form of long and short presentations centred on the above questions will aim to sketch a view of the current status of the field, and will highlight the principal open issues that future simulations and multiwavelength observations will need to address.

Important Dates

28th November 2016 - Pre-registration/abstract submission open.

1st March 2017- Pre-registration and abstract submission close.

15th March 2017- Programme announcement, early-bird registration opens.

15th April 2017 - Early-bird registration closes.

15th May 2017 - Registration closes.

19th-23rd June 2017 - Conference dates.

Scientific Organising Committee

Sebastiano Cantalupo (co-chair, LOC)
Claudia Cicone
Valentina D’Odorico
Simon Morris
Peng Oh
Claudia Scarlata
Joop Schaye
Sijing Shen
Tom Theuns

Confirmed Speakers

Opening Review

Piero Madau

Conference Summary

Joop Schaye


  • Arrigoni Battaia, Fabrizio
  • Bregman, Joel
  • Cantalupo, Sebastiano
  • Chen, Hsiao-Wen
  • Churazov, Eugene
  • Cicone, Claudia
  • Davé, Romeel
  • De Breuck, Carlos
  • D'Odorico, Valentina
  • Faucher-Giguère, Claude-André
  • Fox, Andrew
  • Fraternali, Filippo
  • Fumagalli, Michele
  • Hayes, Matthew
  • Heckman, Timothy
  • Lagos, Claudia
  • Lehnert, Matthew
  • Martin, Christopher
  • Martin, Crystal
  • McCourt, Mike
  • Meiksin, Avery
  • Morganti, Raffaella
  • Morris, Simon
  • Murray, Norm
  • Oh, Peng
  • Péroux, Céline
  • Prescott, Moire
  • Prochaska, Xavier
  • Scannapieco, Evan
  • Scarlata, Claudia
  • Shen, Sijing
  • Steidel, Chuck
  • Theuns, Tom
  • Veilleux, Sylvain
  • Voit, Mark
  • Werk, Jess
  • Wisotzki, Lutz
  • Things to do in Durham (and places to stay)

    The Venue

    The conference will be held in the Ogden Centre West building, recently completed in October 2016. This is on the Durham University Science site next to the main Physics Department.
    The nearest airport is Newcastle Airport (about 40min-1hr by taxi) and the nearest train station is in Durham City centre (25 min walk or a 5 min taxi ride).

    For more information, see the Physics Department guide.

    Places to Stay

    There will be a block of rooms at Durham hotels for the conference. More information to come soon.

    Places to eat and drink

    Additional information coming soon.

    Things to do

    Additional information coming soon.

    Pre-registration and abstract submission

    Please fill out the below form to be pre-register for the conference. We'll ask for final registration and payment of conference fees once the program has been finalised.
    Participants will be limited to approximately 90 people, so early pre-registration is highly recommended.

    As part of your abstract, please reference which of the key questions from our Scientific Rationale you plan to address in your contribution.

    You should receive a confirmation e-mail shortly after submitting this form. If you don't, or if any of the information is incorrect, please contact us at the conference e-mail: what.matters@durham.ac.uk.


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      Ogden Centre West, Durham University
      Durham, DH1 3LE
      United Kingdom
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