This is a program for interactive visualisation of Gadget N-body simulation snapshots. It can automatically identify and read all of the formats described in the Gadget-2.0 documentation and produce dot plots (optionally colour coded by particle properties such as temperature, metallicity etc) or SPH smoothed density plots of the particle distribution. It can handle simulations with too many particles to display by random sampling the particles to keep the number displayed roughly constant as the viewpoint is moved around. Other features include the ability to:

This program replaces the old IDL version.


The program is written in a mix of C and Fortran so you need working C and Fortran compilers to build it. GTK-2 is required for the GUI. It also has some optional dependencies:

Obtaining the code

The code is now distributed via github. Please see the releases page for the current release version.


The tar file contains a README file with instructions for compiling and running the code.


Main window screenshot
The main program window with particles in a halo selected

Plot window screenshot
A plot of internal energy vs density for the displayed particles