Julie Wardlow

STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellow

Centre for Extragalactic Astronomy, Durham University


julie.wardlow -AT- durham.ac.uk

+44 191 33 43411

Office: OCW 111


My research interests focus on galaxy formation and evolution. Particularly dusty star-formation, submillimetre galaxies, blank-field infrared surveys, gravitationally lensed submillimetre galaxies.

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  • Teaching

    Undergraduate Level 1 Lab information, including Full Experiments.

    For the Prism Spectrometer experiment, here is some information about reading vernier scales. You may find this or this helpful for angular vernier scales, but note that examples shown have slightly different scales to the equipment in our lab. If you are unclear about degrees, arcminutes and arcseconds, try a quick look online (scroll down for definitions), or wikipedia.

    Postgraduate astronomy Data Reduction course information.