Colour Image of the Lagoon and Triffid Nebulae

This was a specially commissioned outreach project taken in August 2011 (initially for the AAS calendar). It consisted of 12 long and 6 short exposures in g (54 & 15 secs),r (38 & 10 secs) and i (38 & 10 secs) taken in a customised dither pattern centred on 18h04m41s -23:28:31.5 (J2000). The final image is just under 3 degrees across and has a resolution of 1 arcsecond per pixel.

You can scroll the image by dragging it around either in the main area or in the thumbnail by dragging the red box around. You can zoom by using the +/- and 1:1 controls to zoom in and out and go to full resolution. Zooming can also be controlled by a mouse scroll wheel, if you have one.