Russell J. Smith

Research Associate in Astrophysics
Department of Physics, University of Durham, United Kingdom

Read more about E325-G004 here or
check out my ApJL paper. This image
was "Astronomy picture of the Day" for 2007/02/08 and centre-page spread in the Guardian.


I am a research astronomer at the University of Durham, United Kingdom. Before this, I worked at the University of Waterloo, Canada, and at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica in Santiago, Chile.

My main research interests are in galaxy formation and evolution, using low-redshift elliptical galaxies as tracers of early star-formation and element enrichment processes. This work uses large optical and infrared telescopes in Chile, Hawaii and Australia, and also orbiting facilities such as Hubble and GALEX. My current major projects include the Coma 3-degree Survey (C3dS), a wide-field multi-mode study associated with the ACS Coma Treasury Survey.

My teaching duties include tutoring for the Level 1 Foundations of Physics module (although not this year!), supervising Level 4 research projects, and teaching a graduate lecture coursein stellar populations (details here).


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