Black hole accretion disc winds: IN PERSON (and remote)

DURHAM, UK: Mon 6th - Thurs 9th September 2021

AGN wind and BLR GRO J1655 Durham Cathedral Ogden West

We had 28 in person (conference photo below), and ~85 remote particpants!

The final program (use this to find date and session of the talk)

the talks were recorded and the link is here


We see evidence for accretion disc winds across the mass scale, from stellar mass black hole binaries to the supermassive black holes in AGN and quasars. The time seems right to address these together, to try to understand the physical mechanisms powering these outflows and to identify the issues which remain.

Clearly its difficult to predict what the situation will be in September, but I'm expecting that travel within the UK will be fine, and that there are ~25 people who would be present on site. We will also have remote talks from some key international speakers and will broadcast on zoom, but this is an opportunity for the UK based community to gather in person and swap ideas informally as well as listen to talks. Durham is a very beautiful world heritage site, and the conference will be physically based in the Libeskind designed Ogden Centre West Physics building!

For in person attendees, there will be a ~£50 registration fee to cover coffees/lunches. En suite accomodation is available in colleges for £44 per night. The conference is free for remote attendees.

AGN winds: Questions

  • what is the BLR in AGN? is it a dust driven wind? and how does it relate to BAL QSOs?
  • how do the X-ray absorbers fit in - both the slow (warm absorbers) and ultrafast outflow?
  • how much mass and kinetic power do they carry for AGN feedback?
  • what are the fast variable winds, and how do they relate to changing-look AGN?
  • are all the Narrow Line Seyfert 1s superEddington? what evidence do we see for winds from these sources?
  • Binaries winds: Questions

  • are the X-ray winds seen in binary soft states the counterparts of any of the winds we see in AGN?
  • how are the optical winds seen in the hard state driven? how do these link to the extreme winds in V404 Cyg and other sources?
  • are there supereddington winds in ULX pulsars? and are there winds in black hole ULXs?
  • General wind launch mechanisms: Questions

  • can UV line driving work in AGN or is it suppressed by the X-ray flux ?
  • do we need magnetic winds?
  • how do winds interact? can they shield each other? do they intersect and shock?
  • Keynote speakers

    Bozena Czerny, Christian Knigge, Karen Leighly, Matt Middleton, Daniel Proga, James Reeves

    And thanks to all participants who made this such a great meeting!