Astrophotography with an Altair GPCAM2 224C cameras and 12'' Quattro

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Images processed with GIMP and/or DSS.

All taken with a 1200mm F4 Quattro 12'' Newtonian and Altair GPCAM2 224C uncooled camera at prime focus, mounted on the EQ8.

Each object (except planets) is shown 2x2 binned (~1.6''/pixel), cropped to 600x400.

Click on any image icon to see the enlarged version ...

M82 - 930s

NGC1491 - 690s

NGC1579 - 900s

NGC1931 - 750s

Cone Nebula (NGC2264) - 1065s

NGC2392 - 780s, unbinned

Horesehead nebula (IC434) - 300s

IC2162 - 930s

Abell 21 (PN) - 210s


Jupiter plus three moons


Animation showing Jupiter's rotation

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