Astrophotography with the Nexstar SLT 102

Globular clusters only:

Images processed with GIMP and/or Registax or DSS.

All taken with an 102mm F6.5 Celestron Nexstar refractor and Olympus 2020Z digital camera, using afocal projection.

By default, images are scaled by 75% and then cropped to 600x400. This gives scale of ~8''/pixel and roughly a 1.3o x 0.9o field for unzoomed images. Some larger objects are scaled by 50% (as noted), giving 12''/pixel and 2o x 1.3o. A few have not been treated this way yet, and are marked as 'old version's.

Click on any image icon to see the enlarged version ...

M13 - 4min, ISO400 (Derbyshire)- 9/9/08

M13 (1.5x zoom) - 3m 44s - 25/9/09

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