Astrophotography with the Nexstar SLT 102

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Images processed with GIMP and/or DSS.

All taken with an 102mm F6.5 Celestron Nexstar refractor and Canon 1000D DSLR at prime focus with a Skywatcher LP filter at ISO1600 (unless stated otherwise). Most are taken with the telescope mounted on the HEQ5 mount, but those marked 'SLT' were taken using the original alt-az mount.

Each object is shown either 4x4 binned ( ~8''/pixel) or 2x2 binned (~4''/pixel), both cropped to 600x400. Occasionally the full frame (3888x2592) is scaled to 600x400.

Click on any image icon to see the enlarged version ...

Comet Hergenrother - 1200s, SLT

Comet Lovejoy 2014 - 900s

Comet Cataline C/2013 US10 - 3090s

Comet Cataline C/2013 US10 - 1560s

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