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The VO elements of SPLAT are now being developed by the GAVO (German Astrophysical Virtual Observatory) in cooperation with the Astronomical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. There is a web page describing this effort at:

Beta-test releases of SPLAT may become available. A mailing list for the discussion of these developments is also available at:

Starlink SPLAT-VO

SPLAT has been extended to include facilities that allow it to work as part of the Virtual Observatory (VO). These facilities come in two different forms, one for querying and downloading spectra from SSAP servers and one for interoperating with VO tools, such as TOPCAT, on your desktop using SAMP.

The SAMP facilities have been developed by Mark Taylor and the SSAP ones by myself and Margarida Castro Neves. The main changes in the release available here are the work of Margarida (these are some of the effort described at GAVO SPLAT).

This latest version of SPLAT is available as a download for installing onto your desktop:

SPLAT-VO installer (130Mb)

or as a webstart application:

SPLAT-VO webstart

The changes are described in the NEWS file.

Both versions will run using Linux, Windows 10, Mac OS X (10.6, i386). The installer is an executable jar file so you just need to run this using the command:

java -jar splat-vo.jar

After downloading it. If you install SPLAT-VO locally then it may integrate into your desktop or alternatively (for UNIX only) you can run it by executing the splat script located in the <root>/bin/splat directory.

Windows users are required to permit the installer privilege so it can install into system directories. Under Windows 10 you will need to permit the installation of non-store apps.

March 2014: the latest releases of Oracle Java 7 have stopped running webstart applications that have self-signed certificates. To work around this you need to add "" to your exception site list. This can be done using the security settings in the Java console.

SPLAT-VO is part of the Starlink STARJAVA package and is available under the GPL.

The complete documentation (which is also available in the on-line help) is available as SUN/243

Questions or comments to:

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