Below are public release catalogues and a selection of figures (including the full sets of figures for KROSS where only examples were given in the publication). All publications making use of KROSS data should cite Stott et al. 2016 (MNRAS, 460, 1059) as well as the publication that released the catalogue. Publications for KGES should cite Tiley et al. 2021 (MNRAS, 506, 323).

Datacubes and Data Products

KGES Datacubes and data for the H-alpha detected galaxies

  • Datacubes and data products [23Gb]

    KROSS Datacubes and Data Products

    Datacubes and data products for the 586 H-alpha detected galaxies in the KROSS survey

  • Datacubes for all 586 galaxies [1.2Gb] (posted: 24/04/2019)
  • H-alpha intensity maps [2.7Mb]
  • H-alpha velocity maps [1.0Mb]
  • Halpha line-of-sight velocity dispersion (sigma) maps [1.3Mb]
  • These are the datacubes and data products from the KROSS survey. The datacubes are sampled at a spatial scale of 0.1x0.1" per pixel. For the H-alpha, velocity and velocity dispersion, the galaxies have been recentered (using the stellar continuum emission in the cube). The name of each file maps to the Name column in the fits catalogs below. A PDF showing the spatially resolved properties of each galaxy can be found in these images. Any problems/questions, please contact Mark Swinbank (; Chris Harrison (; or Alfie Tiley (

    Catalogs (Version 2)

    Johnson et al. 2018 (arXiv:1707.02302) combined with Harrison et al. 2017 (arXiv:1701.05561)

    This is the second release of the catalogue associated with Johnson et al. 2018 and Harrison et al. 2017. This catalog is the same as the v1 catalog but also contains the observed and derived quantities from the Johnson et al. (2018) and Harrison et al. (2017). This catalogue contains information about the 586 H-alpha detected targets: source names; positions; magnitudes; stellar masses; continuum sizes; H-alpha luminosities, fluxes and redshifts; star-formation rates; rotational velocities; inclination angles; position angles (morphological and kinematic); angular momentum measurements, observed and beam-smearing corrected velocity dispersions (and associated flags), and the inferred Toomre Q, along with various data quality flags. For a full description see Appendix~A in Harrison et al. and Johnson et al. (2018).

    Catalogs (Version 1)

    Tiley et al. 2018 (KROSS-SAMI paper) (arXiv:1810.07202)
  • Version 1 (fits table) (posted: 01/11/2018)
  • This is the full version of Table A1 in Tiley et al. (2018; ArXiv: 1810.07202) and contains the KROSS and SAMI survey catalogs, galaxy ID, log(V2.2), Stellar Mass, M_K, and sample flags.


    Harrison et al. 2017 (arXiv:1701.05661)