The (Dynamical) Hubble Sequence: HST, SAMI, MUSE & KMOS

The z=0 Hubble Sequence. Dynamics from SAMI. [Download]

The z=0 Hubble Sequence in motion:

The z=0 Hubble Sequence. Dynamics from SAMI. [Download]

Hubble Sequence Evolution (HST only)

The Evolving Hubble Sequence: [Download]

A KMOS field:

A flight down the Hubble Ultra Deep Field, with the KMOS galaxy applied to the 24 galaxies observed in this field. 1 second = 100 million years. [Download]

Muse The Force:

Muse the Force. [Download]

Galaxy spins: J-M*-sigma:

Spinning HST images of galaxies with rotation defined by the KMOS dynamics. The video highlights the j*-M*-sigma sequence. [Download]

Galaxy spins: J-M*:

Spining images and velocity fields of galaxies with resolved dynamics from KMOS. x/y positions are set by the galaxy stellar mass (x-axis) and specific angular momentum (y-axis). The video highlights galaxy above and below the j*-M* sequence. [Download]