Understanding black hole growth in different regimes

Accreting black holes in observational and theoretical studies can occupy a very wide range in important parameters such as black hole mass, Eddington ratio, and redshift (as illustrated above). One goal of the workshop is to clarify which parts of parameter space are probed by different studies, and identify the key physical processes that drive accretion in different regimes.

Each workshop participant will be asked to specify the regions in the above diagram that are probed by their research, in order to make clear the ranges in parameter space to which the results are applicable.

What Drives the Growth of Black Holes?
Durham University
26 - 29 July 2010

Scientific Organising Committee
D. Alexander
R. Hickox
P. Best
R. Davies
T. di Matteo
A. Fabian
J. Greene
M. Volonteri

Local Organising Committee
L. Borrero
K. Coppin
A. Danielson
J. Geach
A. Goulding
J. Mullaney

Last Updated: 6 June 2011

Banner Image: courtesy of NASA