Travel information

Durham is easily accessible by train or car from all major cities in the UK. Updated travel directions with additional details are available here.

Please note that, in addition to being 3 hours from London as listed in the file above, Durham is also 2.5 hours from Manchester and 1.5 hours from Edinburgh. There is a direct rail link between Durham and Manchester Airport. Rail information and booking are available from National Rail Enquiries.

Durham is also close to Newcastle and Durham Tees Valley airports.

Arrival and registration
Check-in at Collingwood and Josephine Butler Colleges is from 2pm on the day of arrival and check-out is until 10am on departure. Reception at the colleges will be open 24 hours, and luggage storage is available if needed. A registration desk will be available at the Calman Learning Centre on Sunday evening during the welcome reception, and again on Monday morning. Those arriving later can register at the Calman Learning Centre during the workshop.

Driving to Collingwood or Josephine Butler Colleges
Parking will be available at Collingwood or Josephine Butler Colleges; participants should obtain a parking pass from reception. For those using a SatNav, the addresses are South Road, Durham, DH1 3LT (Collingwood) and DH1 3DF (Butler). As there will not be parking available at the workshop venue, we recommend that participants drive straight to the college at which they are staying and walk from there.

Durham maps

For a PDF version of this map please click here. See also additional maps of the Durham University campus and a Google map highlighting key places at the workshop.

What Drives the Growth of Black Holes?
Durham University
26 - 29 July 2010

Scientific Organising Committee
D. Alexander
R. Hickox
P. Best
R. Davies
T. di Matteo
A. Fabian
J. Greene
M. Volonteri

Local Organising Committee
L. Borrero
K. Coppin
A. Danielson
J. Geach
A. Goulding
J. Mullaney

Last Updated: 6 June 2011

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