My Research

My research focuses on the study of dark matter: its nature and properties. To this end I have studied the Aquarius simulations and follow-up versions of the Aquarius haloes resimulated with WDM.

My Publications

Decaying dark matter: the case for a deep X-ray observation of Draco
Lovell, Bertone, Boyarsky, Jenkins, & Ruchayskiy 2015, mnras, 451, 1573

The properties of warm dark matter haloes
Lovell, Frenk, Eke, Jenkins, Gao, & Theuns, 2014, mnras, 439, 300

Dark Matter Halo Merger Histories Beyond Cold Dark Matter: I - Methods and Application to Warm Dark Matter
Benson, Farahi, Cole, Moustakas, Jenkins, Lovell, Kennedy, Helly, & Frenk, 2013, mnras, 428, 1774

The haloes of bright satellite galaxies in a warm dark matter universe

Lovell, Eke, Frenk, Gao, Jenkins, Theuns, Wang, White, Boyarsky & Ruchayskiy, 2012, mnras, 420, 2318

Linking subhalo accretion and satellite orbits
Lovell, Eke, Frenk, & Jenkins, 2011, mnras, 413 3013