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Processing with registax.

Saturn showing moons.


Saturn, 12.5mm eyepiece, 3x zoom

Saturn, 12.5mm eyepiece, 3x zoom, processed

Saturn, 25mm eyepiece, 3x zoom

Saturn, 25mm eyepiece, 3x zoom, processed

Venus - Jupiter - Saturn; 23/04/04

Jupiter - 01/05/04

Jupiter and moons - 27/4/05; 32mm eyepiece,
(2x 1/2 sec f2.0, ISO400)

Mars - 02/11/05; 6mm eyepiece,
3x zoom (ave. 1/100 sec f2.8)

Mars - 02/11/05 ; 6mm eyepiece,
3x zoom (ave. 1/50+1/100 sec f2.8)

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