by Nigel Metcalfe

My old guide to afocal astrophotography with a point & shoot digital camera.
Clickable constellation maps of my photos - last updated 19/11/2023: (generated by pp3)
Andromeda; Aquarius; Aquila; Aries; Auriga; Bootes; Camelopardalis; Cancer; Canes Venatici; Canis Major; Capricornus; Cassiopeia; Cepheus; Cetus; Coma Berenices; Cygnus; Delphinus; Draco; Eridanus; Gemini; Hercules; Lacerta; Leo; Leo Minor; Lynx; Lyra; Monoceros; Ophiuchus; Orion; Pegasus; Perseus; Pisces; Puppis; Sagitta; Sagittarius; Scutum; Serpens; Taurus; Triangulum; Ursa Major; Ursa Minor; Virgo; Vulpecula,
Canon 1000D SLR + 12'' Newtonian

September 2017 - time for a change. I now have a 12" F4 Skywatcher Quattro on the EQ8.

Altair GPCAM2 224C + 12'' Newtonian

September 2021 - I have acquired a Altair 224C guiding camera. This can also be used for imaging, athough the pixel size is quite small on the 12'' (0.6'')
Canon 1000D SLR + 4'' Celestron Nexstar SLT 102

So as of Christmas 2009 I now have a Canon 1000D DSLR for use at prime focus.
Altair GPCAM2 224C + 4'' Celestron Nexstar SLT 102

August 2022 - time to try out the Altair camera on the SLT. It is a rather small field of view, so difficult to find things ...
Canon 1000D SLR (18-55mm kit lens)

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Canon 1000D SLR (55-250mm lens)

New for 2012 (Ioptron Skytracker new for 2013)
Panasonic TZ18

New for 2012

Archive material
The following cameras/telescopes are no longer in use.
Canon 1000D SLR + 8.5'' Newtonian

September 2010 - the Newtonian is now permanently mounted in the Observatory, and the mirror has been moved up the tube so that the Canon 1000D DSLR can be used at prime focus. Canon 1000D SLR + 10'' RC f8 astrograph

December 2016 - I now have a new EQ8 mount. Due to the Newtonian not behaving well on it, I borrowed a 10" Ritchey-Chretien for the winter season, known to be in sound mechanical and optical condition.
  • All pictures (latest: M64, M97, more NGC2346, NGC2683, NGC2832, NGC4173, NGC4559, NGC4874, NGC5866, NGC6543 March/April 2017)

Miscellaneous 35mm film shots
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Experiments with an SBIG

Experiments with an Celestron Neximage
  • Movies (new material in May 2020)
Olympus 2020Z Digital Camera + 8.5'' Newtonian
My attempts at afocal photography. The Olympus allows a maximum of 16sec exposure, which is just about right for my HEQ5 mount and light polluted back garden! It does have the advantage of an F2.0 lens and an infra-red remote.



Olympus 2020Z Digital Camera + 4'' Celestron SLT 102
So the Newtonian got too heavy! I now have a portable 4'' Celestron Nexstar SLT 102. This has an Alt-Az mount, so image rotation is an issue.

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