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CCD Data Reduction Package

CCDPACK is a package of programs for performing the initial reduction of CCD-like data and for registering and combining it. It was developed by the now closed Starlink project.

CCDPACK is still in use by the EAO so will continue to be supported for their purposes, if you have any EAO CCDPACK related problems, then contact EAO support, otherwise you should join the Starlink support mailing list and see what help might be available. I will probably respond to simple support requests when I can.

If you want a copy of CCDPACK then you should get a copy of the EAO Starlink release.

Bugs and fixes

For a list of bugs and fixes in the current CCDPACK see the news file in the latest EAO release.

Information about CCDPACK

The following information about CCDPACK is available in hypertext form:

The main CCDPACK user guide and reference manual
Screenshots of Version 4 new features
Screenshots of some of the new graphical features coming up.
Automatic mosaicing
A demonstration of CCDPACK's non-interactive mosaicing abilities
A Starlink Bulletin article about the interactive data reduction graphical user interface introduced at version 2.0
The CCDPACK overview glossy brochure

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