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About Durham
Durham is a small city on the banks of the river Wear in North East England, renowned for its magnificent medieval castle and cathedral (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) as well as its world-class University

Durham Cathedral

Getting to Durham
Durham city is easily accessible by train or car from all major cities in the UK, and is close to Newcastle and Durham Tees Valley airports. The Physics Department and the Ogden Centre on South Road are a 30 minute walk from the main transit stations and the Market Hall area of town. Several bus lines travel to the New Inn bus stop on Church Street, the nearest transit point to the meeting venue, or to the South Road colleges stop. Taxi services are also available. Detailed travel directions can be found here

For its size, Durham contains a large number of restaurants offering a broad range of cuisines. A listing of a few of our favourite restaurants in and around the city centre is available here.

Durham University Campus
Below is a map of Durham indicating all of the University buildings. Click the map for a larger version. For a PDF version click here.

Durham map

Links to the full listing of the University buildings and more detailed maps are available here.

Are AGN Special?
The environmental dependence and global impact of AGN activity
Durham University
30 July - 3 August 2018

Last Updated: 27 October 2018

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