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Presentations (in order of session)

SESSION 1: What are the host galaxy properties that facilitate AGN activity?

Alonso-Herrero The host galaxies of AGN
Storchi-Bergmann The feeding of supermassive black holes
Hicks How Host Galaxy and Environment Relate to the Central 400pc of Local Seyfert Galaxies
Habouzit Properties of SMBH and their connection to galaxies in IllustrisTNG
Jones Does a universal mode of AGN accretion suggest AGN are not special?
Bernhard Evidence for a mass-dependent AGN Eddington ratio distribution via the flat relationship between SFR and AGN luminosity
Raimundo The stellar and gas dynamics in the transition between black hole activity and quiescence
Whittam Understanding the mechanical feedback from high- and low-accretion rate radio galaxies
Zhao The Evolutionary Link Between Type 1 and Type 2 Quasars by Their Host Galaxies
Kocevski Elevated Black Hole Growth in the Progenitors of Compact Quiescent Galaxies at z=2 and Future Prospects with JWST
Assef Hot Dust Obscured Galaxies
Ginolfi Observing the cold gas surrounding AGN-host galaxies with MUSE >
Posters Birchall   Borkar   Brumback   Burtscher   Calistro-Rivera   Carraro   Carroll   Davies   del Moral-Castro   Ebrero   Emig   Kuraszkiewicz   Lamassa   Masini   Rogemar Riffel   Rogerio Riffel   Shimizu   Simmons   Vestergaard   Xu   Yan

SESSION 2: What larger-scale environments facilitate AGN activity

Coil AGN clustering and environment
Hardcastle The hosts and environmental impact of local radio-loud AGN
Smolcic Black hole mass growth across cosmic time: insights from the VLA-COSMOS 3 GHz Large Project
Steinborn Do galaxy mergers make AGN special?
Barrows The Conditions of Single and Dual Active Galactic Nuclei Formation in Late-Stage Galaxy Mergers
Jadhav Monsters on the move: A search for supermassive black holes undergoing gravitational wave recoil
Powell Clustering of Hard X-ray-Selected AGN
Noordeh A spectroscopic study of AGN activity in massive galaxy clusters
Marshall Ram pressure triggers AGN in galaxy clusters
Posters Efthymiadou   Foord   He   Kristen Jones   Kim   Krishnan   Loiseau   Mazzucchelli   Moravec   Weston   Whalen

SESSION 3: Is the high-redshift Universe a special environment for AGN?

Sijacki Supermassive black hole growth and feedback in the early Universe
Ricarte Modelling the Black Hole-Galaxy Connection Over Cosmic Time
Barger Is AGN Growth at the Highest Redshifts Dominated by Compton-thick Sources?
Venemans The birth of giants: quasars and their host galaxies in the early Universe
Bischetti Ionised outflows in z~6 QSOs are there. Investigating AGN-feedback and host galaxy properties in very luminous high-redshift QSOs
Ricci The BH mass - galaxy scaling relations in the local Universe: what is the role of type 2 AGN?

SESSION 4: How do AGN shape the way the Universe looks?

Zakamska Observations of quasar-driven galactic winds
Cresci An AGN special: feedback across cosmic epochs
Harrison KASHz: The properties and prevalence of AGN-driven outflows during the peak of activity
Vietri The WISSH survey: Revealing ultra-massive black-holes and powerful winds in the most luminous quasars
Rosario AGN feedback does not destroy cold molecular gas in local luminous Seyfert galaxies
Barnes Improving AGN feedback for the next generation of cosmological simulations
Constantin Near-IR and Radio constraints of Obscured AGN and their Feedback in Advanced Mergers
Lanz Do AGN Lurk in Special Galaxies Caught in the Early Stages of Transition?
Bourne Simulation of AGN feedback in galaxy clusters
Terrazas Supermassive black holes as the regulators of star formation in central galaxies
Talia AGN-enhanced outflows of low-ionization gas in star-forming galaxies at 1.7 < z < 4.6
Posters Chen   Circosta   Crenshaw   Fischer   Fritz   Garcia-Lorenzo   Gnilka   Jackson   Lansbury   Morabito   Ramasawmy   Rivera   Rodriguez-Ardila   Talia   Temple   Zovaro

Are AGN Special?
The environmental dependence and global impact of AGN activity
Durham University
30 July - 3 August 2018

Last Updated: 27 October 2018

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