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Refereed Journal Publications of Shaun Cole

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Refereed Papers (sorted by publication date)

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The following links are to lectures, software, catalogues and other data that I've made public through this website.


  • Beijing 2010 Lectures
  • on galaxy formation from the Large Scale Structure Summer School.
  • Quantum Universe 5 MasterClass slides
  • and notes on mock galaxy surveys for large scale structure.


  • Merger Tree Code
  • Mode resampling code from Schneider, Cole, Frenk and Szapudi 2011.
  • Code to generate Random Catalogues as described in Cole 2011 .
  • Catalogues

  • Mock 2dFGRS and SDSS galaxy catalogues (1998)
  • A 2MASS galaxy catalogue with redshifts from 2dFGRS

    Power Spectra and Luminosity Functions

  • 2dFGRS Power Spectrum
  • 2dFGRS Luminosity Function