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I am an Assistant Professor at

Department of Physics
Durham University
Science Laboratories
South Road
Durham DH1 3LE
0191 3343566

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I have been a professional astrophysicist and a member of the Extragalactic & Cosmology Group at Durham for ~30 years, mainly specializing in imaging faint galaxies. Before that I took a degree in Physics, followed by a DPhil in Astrophysics, at Merton College, Oxford.

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Learned astronomers in discussion
I am currently on the Science Council for the Pan-STARRS project, and chair of their Data Reducation Analysis and Verification Group. I was awarded 'Builder' status on the project in April 2013. I am also heavily involved in the ESO VST Atlas survey.

The World Machine: Pan-STARRS on Durham Cathedral

Budding astronomer!
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