The full abstract book for the July workshop, including parameter space diagrams for every presentation, are available here.

We encourage each participant to peruse the abstract book, and if they wish, to extract their parameter space diagrams to include in their presentation. (Note that the diagrams for each poster will be displayed on the poster boards.) We also strongly encourage all speakers to include references to related posters in their talks.

If you would like a high-resolution version of your diagram, please email us at growthofblackholes@durham.ac.uk.

All participants will receive a printed copy of the abstract book at the workshop. In order to save trees we therefore recommend that you do not print out the full document before arriving in Durham.

What Drives the Growth of Black Holes?
Durham University
26 - 29 July 2010

Scientific Organising Committee
D. Alexander
R. Hickox
P. Best
R. Davies
T. di Matteo
A. Fabian
J. Greene
M. Volonteri

Local Organising Committee
L. Borrero
K. Coppin
A. Danielson
J. Geach
A. Goulding
J. Mullaney

Last Updated: 6 June 2011

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