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Oral Presentations
    Monday 26 July
    Tuesday 27 July
    Wednesday 28 July
    Thursday 29 July

Poster Presentations
    Session 1
    Session 2
    Session 3
    Session 4


Monday 26 July 2010

Session 1 How does gas accrete onto black holes, from ~kpc scales to < 1 pc scales?
Storchi-Bergmann Mapping gas inflows towards massive black holes in nearby active galaxies | params | PDF
Davies The role of secular evolution in forming and fuelling AGN | params | PDF
Schartmann Evolution from nuclear starbursts to discs and tori in AGN | params | PDF

Due to technical issues, no video is available for Day 1, Session 2

Wada Multi-phase ISM around an AGN: Effects of X-ray feedback on tens of parsecs | params | PDF
Ward Constraints on black hole masses of narrow-line Seyfert 1s, from X-ray to optical SED fitting | params | PDF
Gillessen Flaring in Sgr A* | params | PDF
Micic Modeling the growth of the SMBH at the center of the Milky Way | params | PDF

Pedes Time dependent models of star formation in AGN accretion discs | params | PDF
Power Understanding black hole feeding and feedback from first principles | params | PDF
Dotti Massive black hole binaries in circumnuclear discs | params | PDF
Gandhi New insights on nuclei of nearby galaxies from high angular resolution mid-IR observations | params | PDF

Done Black-hole accretion states and AGN activity | params | PDF
Roberts ULXs: A local template for super-Eddington black hole growth | params | PDF
Mirabel Cosmic evolution of stellar black holes and their role at the dawn of the Universe | params | PDF
Robinson Probing gas flows around supermassive black holes with spectropolarimetry | params | PDF

Tuesday 27 July 2010

Session 2 What are the links between black-hole growth and their host galaxies and large-scale environments?
Bower Black holes, galaxy formation and the X-ray Universe | params | PDF
Brandt Black-hole ecology in the distant Universe: Results from cosmological X-ray surveys | params | PDF
Schawinski Black hole growth and its connection to host galaxy evolution | params | PDF
Goulding Towards a complete census of AGN activity in nearby galaxies: The incidence of growing black holes | params | PDF

Best The radio-AGN to host galaxy connection | params | PDF
Merloni A synthetic view of SMBH growth: Comparing and contrasting the radiative and mechanical sectors | params | PDF
Fanidakis Astrophysical aspects of SMBH evolution in the LCDM Universe | params | PDF
Nardini The relation between circumnuclear star formation and black hole growth in the mid-IR and hard X-rays | params | PDF
Lutz An infrared view on star formation in high-redshift AGN hosts | params | PDF

Wednesday 28 July 2010

Silverman Co-evolving AGN activity and star formation within the zCOSMOS density field | params | PDF
Coil The clustering of optical and X-ray AGN to z=1 | params | PDF
Martini The co-evolution of black holes and galaxies in clusters | params | PDF
Alexander The growth of black holes in distant overdense environments | params | PDF

Due to technical issues, no video is available for Day 3, Session 2

Croton Quasar vs. radio mode AGN heating and their environmental dependencies | params | PDF
Shankar Merger-induced quasars, their light curves, and their hosts | params | PDF
Hopkins Quasar fueling models, or, the missing link between galaxies and quasars | params | PDF
Bellovary How do black holes get their gas? | params | PDF

Session 3 What fuels the rapid growth of the most massive (and also the first) black holes?
Vestergaard Black hole masses and Eddington ratios of quasars across cosmic history | params | PDF
Peterson Uncertainties in AGN black hole masses | params | PDF
Sanders The growth of massive black holes during gas-rich major mergers | params | PDF
Coppin Starburst or AGN dominance in submillimetre-luminous candidate AGN? | params | PDF

Page Ionized winds in star-forming QSOs | params | PDF
Hao SEDs of AGNs from COSMOS: A single template with "torus-free" outliers | params | PDF
Vignali Obscured quasars at high redshifts | params | PDF
Hickox Clustering of obscured and unobscured quasars | params | PDF

Thursday 29 July 2010

Volonteri    Growing the first black holes | params | PDF
Fiore Black hole growth at high redshift | params | PDF
Johnson Accretion onto the first black holes formed by direct collapse | params | PDF
DeRosa Probing the black hole growth and the chemical evolution of their hosts at z~6 | params | PDF

Session 4 What is the detailed nature of AGN feedback and its effects on black hole fueling and star formation?
Decarli The MBH/MHost relation in quasars from z=3 to the Present Age | params | PDF
Booth The relations between black holes and their hosts: What determines the masses of supermassive black holes? | params | PDF
Jahnke Just good friends: The non-causal origin of black hole-galaxy scaling relations | params | PDF
King Black hole feedback in action | params | PDF

Gallagher The role of the high energy continuum in quasar disk winds | params | PDF
Reeves Ultra fast outflows from AGN and their role in feedback | params | PDF
Evans Do AGN outflows cease star formation? A new technique based on ultradeep Chandra HETG observations of NGC1068 | params | PDF
Nesvadba Quantifying the impact of AGN feedback on the evolution of massive galaxies | params | PDF

Mullaney What is driving the feedback-inducing, extended outflows around AGNs? | params | PDF
Hardcastle Radio-loud AGN feedback: How and when does it work? | params | PDF
McNamara Are radio AGN powered by accretion or black hole spin? | params | PDF


Session 1 How does gas accrete onto black holes, from ~kpc scales to < 1 pc scales?
1.1 Bartakova PMAS-PPAK integral field spectroscopy of nearby Seyfert and normal spiral galaxies | params | PDF
1.2 Bregman Resonant stars/disk interaction: implications for MBH evolution | params | PDF
1.3 Civano A runaway BH in COSMOS: GW or slingshot recoil? | params | PDF
1.4 Floyd Zooming in on quasar accretion | params | PDF
1.5 Ishibashi Clumpy accretion flows in active galactic nuclei | params | PDF
1.6 Jungwiert Growth of central supermassive blackholes and bulges due to bars and gas return from old stellar populations | params
1.7 Kuraszkiewicz SED and emission line properties of the low redshift red 2MASS AGN | params | PDF
1.8 Lagos Stellar and AGN accretion disc alignments from SDSS data | params | PDF
1.9 Lawrence Misaligned discs and black hole growth | params | PDF
1.10 Westoby A Magellan--IMACS-IFU Search for Dynamical Drivers of Nuclear Activity | params | PDF
1.11 Hobbs AGN Feeding: "the intermediate scale" | params | PDF
1.12 Stoklasova The central kiloparsec of Seyfert galaxies: Integral-field spectroscopy with OASIS | PDF

Session 2 What are the links between black-hole growth and their host galaxies and large-scale environments?
2.1 Aird The evolution of the hard X-ray luminosity function of AGN | params | PDF
2.2 Akiyama NIR spectroscopic survey of obscured AGNs at z~2 | params | PDF
2.3 Bradshaw The Environments of AGN at High Redshift (1.0 < z < 2.0) | params | PDF
2.4 Cardamone The disappearance of the Green Valley: AGN host galaxy populations at z~1 | params | PDF
2.5 Comastri Heavily Obscured AGN in the deep XMM survey in the CDFS | params | PDF
2.6 Dunn The prevalence and effects of AGN in clusters and ellipticals | params | PDF
2.7 Fan Cosmic Evolution of Mass, Size, and Velocity Dispersion for ETGs | params | PDF
2.8 Feruglio X-ray properties of power-law sources in COSMOS and CDFS | params | PDF
2.9 Geach Lya Blobs are powered by heating, not cooling | params | PDF
2.10 Herbert A Sample of Radio Galaxies Spanning Three Decades in Radio Luminosity - The Fundamental Plane and Star Formation Histories | params | PDF
2.11 Kimm Diffuse gas cooling onto satellite galaxies and its relevance on the black hole growth | params | PDF
2.12 Loiseau X-ray selected AGNs in the North Ecliptic Pole field | params | PDF
2.13 Nugroho Integral field spectroscopy of z~0.1 QSO host galaxies | params | PDF
2.14 Raimundo The effects of radiation pressure on the absorption in the Chandra Deep Field populations | params | PDF
2.15 Raychaudhury The dependence of AGN activity on host and environment | params | PDF
2.16 Siemiginowska Cluster--Quasar bound: 3C186, a quasar in a massive cluster at high redshift | params | PDF
2.17 Smolcic Observational constraints on the importance of radio-mode feedback in massive galaxy formation | params | PDF
2.18 Symeonidis The AGN content of infrared-selected luminous galaxies | params | PDF
2.19 Tugwell X-ray properties of Infrared luminous galaxies | params | PDF
2.20 Yan Disentangle AGN and Star Formation at High Redshifts | params | PDF
2.21 Zuther Borderline-type 1 QSOs: Probing AGN/host galaxy evolutionary aspects | params | PDF

Session 3 What fuels the rapid growth of the most massive (and also the first) black holes?
3.1 Allen A dramatic increase in the fraction of broad absorption line quasars coincident with the epoch of rapid black hole growth | params | PDF
3.2 Bauer Assessing obscured quasars at z~2 | params | PDF
3.3 Carrera Exploring structure around submm-bright QSOs | params | PDF
3.4 Cisternas No merger-quasar connection since z~1 | params | PDF
3.5 Down Modelling quasar accretion disks from Ha emission | params | PDF
3.6 Lietzen Large scale environments of nearby quasars | params | PDF
3.7 Scharwaechter Borderline type-1 QSOs: WiFeS integral field spectroscopy of early-stage QSO candidates | params | PDF
3.8 Trakhtenbrot Measurements of MBH and L/LEdd in High-Redshift type-I AGN | params | PDF
3.9 Treister Major Galaxy Mergers and the Growth of Supermassive Black Holes in Quasars | params | PDF

Session 4 What is the detailed nature of AGN feedback and its effects on black hole fueling and star formation?
4.1 Ammons From WFC3/IR: The Quenching Effect of AGN Feedback on Host Galaxies | params | PDF
4.2 Barai Implementation of AGN Feedback in Galaxy Formation: Spherical Tests of Bondi Accretion using SPH | params | PDF
4.3 Brusa Feedback in action in a z~1.6 XMM-COSMOS Obscured QSO | params | PDF
4.4 Gofford High-resolution spectroscopy of AGN outflows in 3C445 and MR2251-178 | params | PDF
4.5 Kim BH mass and Bulge Luminosity Relation in Nearby Type I AGNs | params | PDF
4.6 La Franca Tools for computing the AGN feedback: radio-loudness distribution and the kinetic luminosity function | params | PDF
4.7 Pope Controlling cooling flows and optimal AGN feedback | params | PDF

What Drives the Growth of Black Holes?
Durham University
26 - 29 July 2010

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A. Fabian
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