IDL shapelets software:

The code available here is released for academic use only, under the GNU General Public Licence, © 2011 Richard Massey and Alexandre Refregier. The shapelets bundle includes a stand-alone set of core routines to decompose images into shapelets and to manipulate them. The simage bundle also includes routines to generate multicolour simulated astronomical images. Both require IDL v5.4 or above, but the main commands can also be run directly from a shell prompt via simple scripts that are bundled with the files. Some additional, standard routines (e.g. from the ) are appended so that everything works after one download; these routines can be deleted (from the shapelets/library/ directory) if you already have them.

Please acknowledge use of the code in any resulting work, citing Massey & Refregier (2005). We would be interested to collaborate with anyone requiring more advanced applications, and are always excited to hear about any use you've found for shapelets via r.j.massey [at] Thanks!

Download shapelets package:

The shapelets software is available in the following .tar.gz bundles. See the installation guide for unpacking instructions.

Download simage package:

The image simulation code is maintained separately and can be obtained from


The shapelets code has been built and tested by many, many people. We are particularly grateful to David Bacon and Tzu-Ching Chang for their help developing the formalism and for their contributions to many routines. Thanks to Joel Bergé and Barney Rowe for their continued input, and to Joel for his fantastic manual. Alain Bonissent carefully fixed bugs and optimised some of the core loops. Stephane Paulin-Henriksson has shown remarkable patience by for poring through the many options with which the focus routines can converge.

The simage code has grown from the blood of many victims. Particular thanks go to Molly Peeples, Will High, Dave Johnston, Matt Ferry and Ben Dobke. Well done everyone for spotting the intentional mistakes put in there to check you were paying attention.

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