Travel information

Durham is easily accessible by train or car from all major cities in the UK. Detailed travel directions are available here.

Please note that, in addition to being 3 hours from London as listed in the file above, Durham is also 2.5 hours from Manchester and 1.5 hours from Edinburgh. There is a direct rail link between Durham and Manchester Airport. Rail information and booking are available from National Rail Enquiries.

Durham is also close to Newcastle and Durham Tees Valley airports.

Durham maps

For a PDF version of this map please click here. See also an interactive map of the Durham University campus.

Galaxy Formation
Durham University
18-22 July 2011

Scientific Organising Committee
Carlos Frenk (co-chair)
Simon White (co-chair)
Sara Ellison
Tim Heckman
Lars Hernquist
Rob Ivison
Guinevere Kauffmann
Hans-Walter Rix
Joop Schaye
Chuck Steidel
Linda Tacconi

Local Organising Committee
Ryan Hickox (chair)
David Alexander
Carlton Baugh
Cedric Lacey
Rich Bielby
Anais Gonneau
Violeta Gonzalez-Perez
John Stott

Last Updated: 8 August 2011

Banner Image: courtesy of NASA / Aquarius project