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Welcome and Introduction

VC Higgins Opening remarks | PDF
Frenk Conference introduction | PDF

Plenary Session: Galaxy Formation Across Cosmic Time

Kennicutt Galaxy-wide star formation processes | PDF
White The formation and evolution of the galaxy population | PDF
Kauffmann Clues to galaxy formation from local populations | PDF
Lilly Late galaxy evolution (z<2) | PDF
Elbaz Star formation at intermediate redshift | PDF
Schaye SPH simulations of the formation and evolution of galaxies | PDF

Parallel Session 1: Galactic Structure and Evolution

Ellison Gas flows in galaxies: mergers versus bars | PDF
Sanchez-Blazquez Quantifying the mixing due to bars | PDF
Aragon-Salamanca Transforming spirals into S0s | PDF
Pontzen Flattening dark matter cusps with supernova feedback: a physical model | PDF
Weijmans Mapping dark and stellar haloes with integral-field spectrography | PDF
Primack The Bolshoi cosmological simulations and their implications | PDF
Hudson Galaxy evolution from weak lensing with CFHTLenS | PDF
Padilla Clustering and number density selection of high-z galaxy descendants | PDF
Vazdekis Alpha-enhanced stellar populations models for studying massive galaxies | PDF

Parallel Session 2: Mass Assembly and Galaxy Growth

Robotham The GAMA Galaxy Group Catalogue: Probing the Universe one halo at a time | PDF
Peng The simplicity of galaxy evolution and the environment quenching in SDSS | PDF
Tinker Are galaxy growth and halo growth correlated? | PDF
Loveday Galaxy luminosity function: dependence on halo mass | PDF
Guo Environmental dependence on Herschel-ATLAS galaxies | PDF
Vulcani The evolution of the galaxy mass assembly and star formation activity from z=1 to z=0 as a function of environment | PDF
Tal Mass growth and mergers: direct observations of the luminosity function of LRG satellites out to z=0.7 | PDF
Franx The emergence of the red sequence | PDF
Gilbank From dwarfs to giants: the history of star formation since z~1 | PDF


Plenary Session: Local Group and Local Galaxies

Helmi Clues to galaxy formation from the Milky Way and Local Group perspective | PDF
Frenk The satellites of the Milky Way as a probe of the nature of dark matter | PDF
Rix Dissecting the Milky Way’s stellar disks | PDF
Combes Secular evolution of galaxies | PDF

Parallel Session 1: Local Group

Cooper Galactic stellar haloes in the CDM model | PDF
Martinez Delgado Stellar tidal streams in nearby galaxies: mapping the minor merger rate in the local Universe with small telescopes
D'Onghia Substructure depletion in the Milky Way halo by the disk
Kobayashi Chemodynamical simulations of the Milky Way Galaxy | PDF
Besla The implications of a first infall scenario on the star formation histories and kinematics of the Magellanic Clouds | PDF
Okamoto The stellar populations of ultra faint dwarf galaxies | PDF
N. Martin Insights on the Andromeda satellite system: a deep view of the faintest of galaxies and what they can tell us about their host | PDF
Penarrubia Measuring the distribution of dark matter in dwarf spheroidal galaxies | PDF
Kuzio de Naray LSB galaxies and their dark matter halos | PDF

Parallel Session 2: Star Formation and Gas

Verheijen Gas in galaxies - an HI perspective | PDF
Catinella Cold gas in massive galaxies: Results from the GALEX Arecibo SDSS Survey | PDF
Saintonge The non-universality of the molecular gas depletion timescale in massive galaxies | PDF
Geach The evolution of the molecular gas fraction of star-forming galaxies | PDF
Lagos Cosmic evolution of star formation and the gas content of galaxies | PDF
Cortese The role of the cluster environment on the star formation cycle of galaxies | PDF
Rawle Exploring star formation in clusters with the Herschel Space Observatory | PDF
Tran Star Formation in galaxy clusters over the past 10 billion years | PDF
Lotz Caught in the act - the assembly of massive cluster galaxies at z=1.62 | PDF


Plenary Session: Galaxy Evolution and Feedback

Mayer SPH simulations of the formation of individual galaxies | PDF
Genzel The middle ages of galaxy evolution (z=2-3) | PDF
Tacconi Atomic and molecular gas in galaxies | PDF
Weinberg Connecting galaxies to dark matter halos: HOD, CLF, SHAM, and all that | PDF
McNamara Supermassive black holes and mechanical feedback | PDF
McCarthy The intracluster/intragroup medium | PDF

Parallel Session 1: Structure of Early-Type Galaxies

Colless Structure, dynamics and stellar populations in early-type galaxies | PDF
Emsellem The stellar angular momentum of nearby early-type galaxies: a paradigm shift | PDF
Cappellari A new look at galaxy scaling relations | PDF
Vegetti Quantifying mass substructure in early-type galaxies | PDF

Parallel Session 2: Cosmological Growth of Disk Galaxies

Sales The rise and fall of disks in cosmological simulations | PDF
MacArthur Spiral galaxy formation based on detailed spectroscopic studies | PDF
Miller The assembly history of disk galaxies: Evolution in the Tully-Fisher relation to z~1.3 | PDF
van der Wel The majority of compact massive galaxies at z~2 are disk dominated | PDF


Plenary Session: Flows In and Out of Galaxies

C. Martin Gas outflow and inflow in z < 1.5 galaxies | PDF
Steidel Gas-phase outflows and accretion during the peak epoch of galaxy formation | PDF
Prochaska The IGM-galaxy connection | PDF
Dave The metal enrichment of the intergalactic medium | PDF

Parallel Session 1: Evolution of Star-Forming Galaxies from the Peak Epoch

Lacey A unified model of galaxy evolution in the IR and UV | PDF
van de Voort What's causing the drop in the cosmic star formation rate below redshift 2? | PDF
Thomas The Millennium Gas Simulation | PDF
Wardlow A detailed study of infrared-luminous galaxies at high redshift | PDF
Kodama MAHALO-Subaru: Mapping star-formation at the peak epoch of galaxy formation | PDF
Glazebrook Turbulence and star-formation - chicken or egg? | PDF
Forster Schreiber The growth of galaxies at z ~ 2: Insights from resolved kinematics, morphologies, star formation, and metallicities | PDF
van Dokkum 3D-HST: a large spectroscopic survey of the z=1-3 Universe with HST | PDF
Cresci AMAZE and LSD: Metallicity evolution of galaxies in the early Universe | PDF

Parallel Session 2: Gas in Galaxies and Halos

Rudie Mapping the circumgalactic medium of high-redshift galaxies
Haehnelt Probing galactic winds from DLA/LLS host galaxies with spatially extended Lyman-alpha emission | PDF
Oppenheimer How outflows feed galaxy growth | PDF
Prescott Caught in the Cosmic Web: Testing theoretical models of giant Lya nebulae | PDF
Crain Theoretical and observational insight into the hot side of galaxy formation | PDF
Sarzi The origin of the X-ray halos of early-type galaxies | PDF
Fanidakis Unravelling the properties of active galaxies in hierarchical cosmologies | PDF
Kocevski Investigating the AGN - merger connection at z~2 with CANDELS | PDF
Novak Black hole fueling and AGN feedback: Toward a deeper physical understanding | PDF


Plenary Session: Black Holes and the High-z Frontier

Heckman The galaxy-AGN connection in the local Universe | PDF
Alexander AGN in the distant galaxy population | PDF
Hopkins The role of mergers and AGN in the form & evolution of the galaxy population | PDF
Mortlock The discovery of a luminous redshift 7.1 quasar | PDF
Abel The first stars and black holes | PDF
Bouwens The first galaxies (z>5) | PDF

Parallel Session 1: The First Galaxies

Wise From the first stars to dwarf galaxies | PDF
Dunlop Galaxies at z = 6 - 10, and cosmic reionization | PDF
Papovich The star formation histories of distant galaxies and implications for gas accretion | PDF

Parallel Session 2: Black Hole-Galaxy Co-Evolution

Mullaney The Herschel-GOODS view of the build up of SMBH and galaxy mass since z~3 | PDF
Bennert The black-hole mass scaling relations of active galaxies: From the local Universe out to a lookback time of 10 Gyrs | PDF
Schawinski HST-WFC3/IR reveals the z~2 Universe: secular black hole growth and first glimpses of seed black holes | PDF

Conference Summary

Conroy, Ellison, Hickox Conference Summary | PDF

Galaxy Formation
Durham University
18-22 July 2011

Scientific Organising Committee
Carlos Frenk (co-chair)
Simon White (co-chair)
Sara Ellison
Tim Heckman
Lars Hernquist
Rob Ivison
Guinevere Kauffmann
Hans-Walter Rix
Joop Schaye
Chuck Steidel
Linda Tacconi

Local Organising Committee
Ryan Hickox (chair)
David Alexander
Carlton Baugh
Cedric Lacey
Rich Bielby
Anais Gonneau
Violeta Gonzalez-Perez
John Stott

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