Interoperability using PLASTIC

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What is PLASTIC?

PLASTIC stands for the PLatform for AStronomical Tool InterConnection. It is a protocol which allows tools on the desktop to communicate with each other, passing and receiving messages like "load this table" or "point at this position on the sky".

You can find more information about how it works, what applications are compatible, and how it can be useful at the PLASTIC web site.

Getting a PLASTIC-enabled GAIA

The first official release of GAIA with PLASTIC support is available as part of the JAC Starlink release.

How do I use GAIA with PLASTIC?

In the main GAIA window there is now an Interop menu. That provides access to its main PLASTIC facilities. There is also a similar menu in catalogue windows created in response to a PLASTIC message (for passing selections). See the description from the on-line help, that describes more fully what facilities are supported (and how to register with a PLASTIC hub).

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