Centre for Extragalactic Astronomy

Regular Seminars

  • Wednesday Astronomy Colloquium (3pm-4pm), Ogden Centre West Auditorium (OCW017). The astronomy colloquia are delivered by external, invited speakers.
  • Friday Lunchtime Astronomy Talks (FLAT; 1pm-2pm), Ogden Centre West Auditorium (OCW017). Currently online on Zoom. The FLAT talks are given by visitors and internal speakers.
  • All astronomy and instrumentation lunch (1pm-2pm) on Monday every 4 weeks in OCW017.
  • Theory lunch (1pm-2pm) on Monday every 4 weeks in OCW017, offset by 2 weeks from the all astronomy and instrumentation lunch.
  • A brief, daily review of astro-ph before coffee every weekday morning. This takes place in the OCW Level 1 break-out space* at 10:45-11am, with coffee following immediately afterwards. *Currently on Microsoft Teams.
  • There are also some Special Interest Groups who meet regularly.
Changes to activities during the covid-19 outbreak
During the covid-19 restrictions, several on-line discussion groups have been set up, either on Teams or on Zoom. All of the Teams activities are accessed through Microsoft Teams via either the "Durham Astronomy" team or the "CfAI" team. All CEA, CfAI, and ICC members should have access to Teams. The Zoom activities are accessed through the Zoom meeting ID which needs to be sent by the host of the Zoom activity. Below is the summary of the on-line discussion groups on Teams and Zoom:
Activities on TeamsMeeting Times
Astronomy virtual coffeeDaily at 11am
CfAI virtual coffeeTuesdays at 10am
arXiv preprint coffee and discussionsDaily at 10:45-11:00am
CGM-IGM JCEvery other Monday at 12pm
Astronomy student JCEvery Wednesday at 11am: only for students
AGN/accretion JCEvery other Wednesday at 1pm
Galaxy clusters and lensingEvery other Thursday at 1pm
Small-scale structure2nd and 4th Thursday of each month at 1pm
CfAI journal clubEvery Thursday at 2pm
Large-scale structure JCEvery other Friday at 12pm (alternates with standard and non-standard cosmology)
Standard and non-standard cosmologiesEvery other Friday at 12pm (alternates with large-scale structure JC)
The Half Swan InnGeneral chat replacement for Friday pub
Activities on ZoomMeeting Times
All astronomy and instrumentation lunchEvery 4 weeks on Monday at 1pm (2 week offset from theory lunch
Theory lunchEvery 4 weeks on Monday at 1pm (2 week offset from all astronomy and instrumentation)
CfAI colloquiaEvery other Wednesday at 1pm
DESI discussionsEvery Tuesday at 5pm
4MOST discussions1pm Thursday every four weeks
Astronomy colloquiaEvery Wednesday at 3pm during term time
Friday Lunchtime Astronomy TalksEvery Friday at 1pm
GALFORM discussionsSign up with Cedtic Lacey
IMAGEFirst Thursday of the month at 2pm
IFU clubOnce a month on a Wednesday at 10am
Note: the machine-learning journal club is now subsumed within IDAS at 4pm on Friday (on Teams). There is also a private Teams meeting for the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition.

Lecture Series

Durham hosts two major lecture series of interest to astronomers:

  • The Grubb Parsons Lecture
    Given annually by a distinguished astronomer from outside the Department, it is named in honour of the contributions made by the Newcastle optical and engineering company Grubb Parsons Ltd to the development of astronomical instrumentation in the UK.
  • The Temple Chevallier Lecture
    The Temple Chevallier lecture series honours the achievements of Temple Chevallier (1794-1873), Durham's first (and only) Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy. The bi-annual lectures reflect his interests, encompassing, in turn, topics in astronomy, engineering, mathematics and theology.

Other talks

Contact Details

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