Centre for Extragalactic Astronomy

Welcome to the CEA

Welcome to the CEA. This page holds useful information for new members of staff or postgraduates starting at the CEA. Information on how to get to the Physics Department can be found here.

There are some general documents about working at Durham University here:

** Please make sure you read the Important Tasks page, which tells you what you need to do upon your arrival **

You can control to some extent what appears about you on the CEA Members page by using the "CEA/ICC web display editor" on the physics department database. Please note that once you have had your picture taken for your staff profile by the physics communications office, to get this to display on the Members page you will need to add the URL of the image yourself using the CEA/ICC web display editor - your picture will not appear automatically.

About the daily life in the department

  • Find your way in the Campus using the University maps.
  • During term time, the main seminar in the department happens on Wednesdays, though there are other weekly events. Students and PDRAs are invited to lunch with the speaker at Grey college. Usually, we also take the speaker for dinner, and everyone is welcome to join.
  • You can socialize with the rest of the people in astronomy during the coffee breaks - roughly 11:15 and 16:15 in the central space of Level 1 of Ogden Centre West (the rest of the department take their breaks in the Bransden room in the Rochester building).
  • For information on printing, the wifi and all sorts of basic computing things, have a look here (only visible from computers within Durham).
  • If you have a research trip, make sure that you follow the Travel Booking and Insurance Procedures.
  • If you go out of the department for a (working) day or more you should report this by filling the "Absence register" in the Physics Database System This is a requirement for students & PDRAs, for immigration tracking purposes.. Also, in the new building, we are *extremely* short of office/desk space for visitors. So we need to know if you will be away for a few days or longer, as we might want to use your desk for a visitor.
  • You can get stationary from a cupboard in the ground floor of the Rochester building (in the drinks machine alcove, Ph15 - next to the Academic Support Office, Ph11), or from the Communications team in room in Ph127. You should write down in the provided folder what you took. Here is a Physics departmental floor plan to help you find your way around.
  • Next to the stationary cupboard you can post mail related with your work. Please read the instructions for franking your mail carefully.
  • You can order equipment through the on-line requisitions form in the Physics Database System. You will need the permission of the grant holder though, so make sure you talk to them first!
  • If you are a PhD student you might want to get involved in some teaching to earn some extra money. If you are a postdoc you might be asked to do some hours of teaching. In both cases, you will need to use the Physics Database System and DUO.
  • There are many public outreach opportunities to get involved, either through the Durham Physics Outreach Activites, or the ICC outreach programme (contact Carlos Frenk for details) which includes the programme Higgs to Hubble run by Pete Edwards. We also have an informal association with the Kielder Observatory, who are always keen on volunteers to talk to the public (contact Nigel Metcalfe).
  • There is a visitors' grant, so if you are interested in inviting someone get in contact with the head of astronomy Dave Alexander
  • You might want to know about the parking policies. There are also some schemes for cheap bus travel around Durham, which you can find via links on that page.
  • If you have trouble, the University provides a Counselling Service.