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Special Interest Groups

A number of special interest groups have sprung up in the ICC and CEA to encourage collaboration and the sharing of ideas and information. They vary from journal club discussion groups, to meetings that discuss ideas for new projects and papers. Please go along to any that interest you. Some information on where and when they are held and perhaps who to contact can be found in the following table.

Group Aim Organiser Meeting Times Location
GALFORM For GALFORM users to meet to discuss projects and code development Yang-Shyang 1pm every other Monday OCW226
Galaxy Clusters and Lensing Coordinate activities and share technical expertise Richard Massey 1pm Thursdays TBA
Gas in and around galaxies We aim to meet at least once per month to exchange updates, news, and ideas on the topic of gas inside and around galaxies and on the physics of the intergalactic medium. Meetings are very informal, and provide a forum for closer/new collaborations among staff and students. Michele Fumagalli typically every first Friday of the month at 11 am. A calendar of meetings is circulated about six months in advance. We have a group mailing list (ph-gasgroup@durham.ac.uk) used for announcements, and interested people can be added upon request.
Small Scale Structure group
Alternative Cosmologies Weekly meeting of people working on alternatives to LCDM. Emphasis is given to theoretical aspects of alternative theories as well as connection with observations. Carlton Baugh 12noon Friday OCW116
Large Scale Structure Journal Club Review LSS arXiv preprints Marius Cautun 12noon Thursday (email m.c.cautun@durham.ac.uk to be added to the mailing list) OCW116

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