Centre for Extragalactic Astronomy

CEA Staff Publications for 2021

  1. 2021 MNRAS, 500, 942 (on-line)
    Dudzevičiūtė U., Smail I., Swinbank A. M., Lim C.-F., Wang W.-H., Simpson J. M., Ao Y., Chapman S. C., Chen C.-C., Clements D., Dannerbauer H., Ho L. C., Hwang H. S., Koprowski M., Lee C.-H., Scott D., Shim H., Shirley R., Toba Y.
    Tracing the evolution of dust-obscured activity using sub-millimetre galaxy populations from STUDIES and AS2UDS
  2. 2021 MNRAS, 500, 1491 (on-line)
    Trindade Falcão A., Kraemer S. B., Fischer T. C., Crenshaw D. M., Revalski M., Schmitt H. R., Vestergaard M., Elvis M., Gaskell C. M., Hamann F., Ho L. C., Hutchings J., Mushotzky R., Netzer H., Storchi-Bergmann T., Turner T. J., Ward M. J.
    Hubble Space Telescope observations of [O III] emission in nearby QSO2s: physical properties of the ionized outflows
  3. 2021 MNRAS, 500, 2063 (on-line)
    Wildy C., Landt H., Ward M. J., Czerny B., Kynoch D.
    Broad He I 1.08-µm absorption from the obscurer in the active galaxy NGC 5548
  4. 2021 MNRAS, 500, 2475 (on-line)
    Jin C., Done C., Ward M.
    Re-observing the NLS1 galaxy RE J1034+396 - II. New insights on the soft X-ray excess, QPO, and the analogy with GRS 1915+105
  5. 2021 MNRAS, 500, 2627 (on-line)
    Harvey D., Robertson A., Tam S.-I., Jauzac M., Massey R., Rhodes J., McCarthy I. G.
    Reconciling galaxy cluster shapes, measured by theorists versus observers
  6. 2021 MNRAS, 500, 2861 (on-line)
    Ruiz-Bonilla S., Eke V. R., Kegerreis J. A., Massey R. J., Teodoro L. F. A.
    The effect of pre-impact spin on the Moon-forming collision
  7. 2021 MNRAS, 500, 4229 (on-line)
    Gillman S., Tiley A. L., Swinbank A. M., Dudzevičiūtė U., Sharples R. M., Smail I., Harrison C. M., Bunker A. J., Bureau M., Cirasuolo M., Magdis G. E., Mendel T., Stott J. P.
    The evolution of gas-phase metallicity and resolved abundances in star-forming galaxies at z ≈ 0.6-1.8
  8. 2021 MNRAS, 500, 4749 (on-line)
    Baldi R. D., Williams D. R. A., McHardy I. M., Beswick R. J., Brinks E., Dullo B. T., Knapen J. H., Argo M. K., Aalto S., Alberdi A., Baan W. A., Bendo G. J., Corbel S., Fenech D. M., Gallagher J. S., Green D. A., Kennicutt R. C., Klöckner H.-R., Körding E., Maccarone T. J., Muxlow T. W. B., Mundell C. G., Panessa F., Peck A. B., Pérez-Torres M. A., Romero-Cañizales C., Saikia P., Shankar F., Spencer R. E., Stevens I. R., Varenius E., Ward M. J., Yates J., Uttley P.
    LeMMINGs - II. The e-MERLIN legacy survey of nearby galaxies. The deepest radio view of the Palomar sample on parsec scale
  9. 2021 MNRAS, 500, 5214 (on-line)
    Welsh L., Cooke R., Fumagalli M.
    The stochastic enrichment of Population II stars
  10. 2021 NewA, 84, 101515 (on-line)
    Manzoni G., Scodeggio M., Baugh C. M., Norberg P., De Lucia G., Fritz A., Haines C. P., Zamorani G., Gargiulo A., Guzzo L., Iovino A., Małek K., Pollo A., Siudek M., Vergani D.
    Modelling the quenching of star formation activity from the evolution of the colour-magnitude relation in VIPERS