Centre for Extragalactic Astronomy

CEA Staff Publications for 2020

  1. 2020 A&A, 633, A70 (on-line)
    Paulino-Afonso A., Sobral D., Darvish B., Ribeiro B., Smail I., Best P., Stroe A., Cairns J.
    VIS3COS. III. Environmental effects on the star formation histories of galaxies at z ˜ 0.8 seen in [O II], Hδ, and Dn4000
  2. 2020 AJ, 159, 8 (on-line)
    Villarroel B., Soodla J., Comerón S., Mattsson L., Pelckmans K., López-Corredoira M., Krisciunas K., Guerras E., Kochukhov O., Bergstedt J., Buelens B., Bär R. E., Cubo R., Enriquez J. E., Gupta A. C., Imaz I., Karlsson T., Prieto M. A., Shlyapnikov A. A., de Souza R. S., Vavilova I. B., Ward M. J.
    The Vanishing and Appearing Sources during a Century of Observations Project. I. USNO Objects Missing in Modern Sky Surveys and Follow-up Observations of a “Missing Star”
  3. 2020 MNRAS, 491, 1622 (on-line)
    Pearce F. A., Kay S. T., Barnes D. J., Bower R. G., Schaller M.
    Hydrostatic mass estimates of massive galaxy clusters: a study with varying hydrodynamics flavours and non-thermal pressure support
  4. 2020 MNRAS, (on-line)
    Scholtz J., Harrison C. M., Rosario D. J., Alexander D. M., Chen C.-C., Kakkad D., Mainieri V., Tiley A. L., Turner O., Cirasuolo M., Sharples R. M., Stach S.
    KASHz: No evidence for ionised outflows instantaneously suppressing star formation in moderate luminosity AGN at z˜1.4-2.6
  5. 2020 MNRAS, (on-line)
    Pinto C., Walton D. J., Kara E., Parker M. L., Soria R., Kosec P., Middleton M. J., Alston W. N., Fabian A. C., Guainazzi M., Roberts T. P., Fuerst F., Earnshaw H. P., Sathyaprakash R., Barret D.
    XMM-Newton Campaign On Ultraluminous X-ray Source NGC 1313 X-1: Wind vs. State Variability
  6. 2020 MNRAS, (on-line)
    Smith R. J., Collier W. P., Ozaki S., Lucey J. R.
    Subaru FOCAS IFU observations of two z ≈ 0.12 strong-lensing elliptical galaxies from SDSS MaNGA★
  7. 2020 MNRAS, 491, 5083 (on-line)
    Salcido J., Bower R. G., Theuns T.
    How feedback shapes galaxies: an analytic model
  8. 2020 MNRAS, 491, 5172 (on-line)
    Kara E., Pinto C., Walton D. J., Alston W. N., Bachetti M., Barret D., Brightman M., Canizares C. R., Earnshaw H. P., Fabian A. C., Fürst F., Kosec P., Middleton M. J., Roberts T. P., Soria R., Tao L., Webb N. A.
    Discovery of a soft X-ray lag in the ultraluminous X-ray source NGC 1313 X-1
  9. 2020 MNRAS, 491, 5702 (on-line)
    Pinto C., Mehdipour M., Walton D. J., Middleton M. J., Roberts T. P., Fabian A. C., Guainazzi M., Soria R., Kosec P., Ness J.-U.
    Thermal stability of winds driven by radiation pressure in super-Eddington accretion discs
  10. 2020 MNRAS, 492, 821 (on-line)
    Curti M., Maiolino R., Cirasuolo M., Mannucci F., Williams R. J., Auger M., Mercurio A., Hayden-Pawson C., Cresci G., Marconi A., Belfiore F., Cappellari M., Cicone C., Cullen F., Meneghetti M., Ota K., Peng Y., Pettini M., Swinbank M., Troncoso P.
    The KLEVER Survey: spatially resolved metallicity maps and gradients in a sample of 1.2 < z < 2.5 lensed galaxies
  11. 2020 MNRAS, 492, 1492 (on-line)
    Gillman S., Tiley A. L., Swinbank A. M., Harrison C. M., Smail I., Dudzevičiūtė U., Sharples R. M., Cortese L., Obreschkow D., Bower R. G., Theuns T., Cirasuolo M., Fisher D. B., Glazebrook K., Ibar E., Mendel J. T., Sweet S. M.
    From peculiar morphologies to Hubble-type spirals: the relation between galaxy dynamics and morphology in star-forming galaxies at z ˜ 1.5
  12. 2020 MNRAS, 492, 2151 (on-line)
    Sykes C., Fumagalli M., Cooke R., Theuns T.
    Determining the primordial helium abundance and UV background using fluorescent emission in star-free dark matter haloes