Centre for Extragalactic Astronomy

Current & Future Visitors

Here is a list of people currently visiting members of the CEA, or due to come in the next month (for your visitor to appear on here, they need to have been registered in the Departmental Database; normally Shufei/Lindsay will do this for you):

NameFrom whereVisiting whoRoomArrivalDeparture
Ms aya KubotaShibaura university, tokyo, japanProf Chris DoneOCW11118 Jul 201701 Aug 2018
Dr Sotiria FotopoulouDurham UniversityProf David AlexanderOCW12401 Sep 201731 Aug 2019
Miss Mariko KimuraKyotoProf Chris DoneOCW13007 Jan 201806 Jul 2018
Dr Emanuele Nardini Arcetri Astrophysical ObservatoryDr Elisabeta LussoOCW12622 Jan 201831 Dec 2018
Mr Alexei BorissovSt AndrewsProf Richard BowerOCW20312 Feb 201811 Feb 2019

Below are people working in collaboration with CEA members, but who are not physically in Durham, unless they are in the list above as well (for your visitor to appear on here, you must have registered them using the Collaborators Registration link within the Departmental Database.):

NameFrom whereAssociated withFromTo
Dr Jeanette GladstoneUniversity of AlbertaProf Tim Roberts09 Feb 201009 Feb 2025
Dr Emmanouil RovilosNational Observatory of AthensProf David Alexander01 Apr 201427 Mar 2020
Prof Idit ZehaviCase Western University, USADr Peder Norberg01 Aug 201530 Jul 2018
Dr Agnese del MoroMPE, GarchingProf David Alexander01 Oct 201530 Sep 2019
Dr Madusha GunawardhanaAAODr Peder Norberg21 Dec 201530 Nov 2019
Dr Violeta Gonzalez-PerezICG, University of PortsmouthDr Peder Norberg21 Dec 201530 Nov 2019
Dr Pedro GonnetGoogleProf Richard Bower03 Sep 201603 Sep 2020
Dr Jack WilsonThe Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics LaboratoryDr Richard Massey21 Sep 201601 Oct 2018
Dr Holger Israel LMU M√ľnchenDr Richard Massey01 Oct 201630 Sep 2018
Dr Emanuele NardiniArcetri Observatory ItalyProf Martin Ward09 Jan 201701 Jan 2019
Dr Nuala McCullaghDr Peder Norberg25 May 201730 Apr 2018
Dr Hideki Umehata Open University of JapanDr Michele Fumagalli20 Nov 201719 May 2018
Dr Timothy GreenBritish Council, Dhaka, BangladeshProf Alastair Edge11 Jan 201801 Jan 2019
Dr James Collinson Prof Martin Ward10 Mar 201831 Dec 2019

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