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Linux Fortran 95

This site on the web used to provide a reasonably comprehensive list of Fortran compilers, both for Unix and Windows, but it hasn't been updated for few years.

Free compilers:


gfortran is the GNU replacement for g77. This does not seem to be in such an advanced state as G95, but is now the default compiler with the gcc4 suite - g77 has been depreciated..


G95 is a free open source compiler for linux (also works under MacOSX). It came about as a break-away from gfortran. The two now seem to follow completely separate paths.

Intel compiler

Intel's Fortran 95 compiler is free for "non-commerical" use. This does NOT include academic use. It is regularly updated. You need to register with Intel to get the free version (they sell a commercial version as well).

Finding it on Intel's WWW site is rather tricky, so here is where you go:


You can also get a 30 day evaluation version for academic use: https://software.intel.com/en-us/intel-software-evaluation-center/


Oracle (formerly SUN) the offer Oracle Solaris Studio for linux, which includes Fortran 95.

Commercial Compilers:

NAGWare Fortran 95 is the compiler on the Starlink Linux machines.

Portland Fortran was used by the ICC on the high performance computing machines.

Mac/Windows Fortran 95

gfortran and G95 (see above) are available for Windows and Mac.


The Silverfrost Fortran compiler is free for personal use. This used to be called Salford Fortran and many years ago was the standard compiler provided by CIS.


Commercial compiler for Mac and Windows: http://www.fortran.com/products-page/compilers/