Centre for Extragalactic Astronomy

Wednesday Colloquium Archive

21st Feb 2024Luke Conaboy
University of NottinghamSupersonic relative velocities and the first galaxies
7th Feb 2024Ignacio Martin-Navarro
IAC-TenerifeThe universal variability of the initial mass function
24th Jan 2024Sarah BosmanMPIADo quasars evolve with time? The view from JWST
22nd Nov 2023Harley Katz
OxfordChallenges to our understanding of high-redshift galaxy formation with first-year JWST observations
15th Nov 2023Deanne Coppejans
University of WarwickLuminous Fast Blue Optical Transients - an enigmatic new class of transients
8th Nov 2023Sthabile Kolwa

University of JohannesburgEvidence for kinetic feedback within radio-selected galaxies up to z=5
1st Nov 2023Matthew Colless
ANUPeculiar velocity surveys for cosmology: recent results and future plans
18th Oct 2023Sara Saracino
Liverpool John Moores UniMUSE's look at the binary population content of massive clusters
7th Jun 2023Shane O'Sullivan
Universidad Complutense de MadridThe dark magnetised Universe illuminated by Faraday rotation
31st May 2023Ana Acebron
University of MilanEntering a golden era in cluster strong gravitational lensing
17th May 2023Jorryt Matthee
ETH ZurichGalaxies as agents of cosmic reionization in the JWST era
3rd May 2023Andrew Pontzen
UCLInsights into cosmological simulations from modified initial conditions: Eagle x GMGalaxies
8th Mar 2023Emille IshidaUniversité Clermont-Auvergne, FranceThe role of domain knowledge experts in the era of big data
22nd Feb 2023Victor Debattista
University of Central LancashireAspects of Bar Evolution: BP Bulges, Shoulders and Clumps
8th Feb 2023Sergio Contreras
DIPCInferring cosmology from galaxy clustering with accelerated N-body scaling and subhalo abundance matching
1st Feb 2023Helen Russell
University of NottinghamShock physics in the merging galaxy cluster A2146
25th Jan 2023Yannick BaheLeiden UniversityFrom satellites to the intra-cluster light: the transformation of cluster galaxies
18th Jan 2023Anastasia Fialkov
University of CambridgeScience with the Hydrogen 21cm Line
9th Nov 2022Rebekka Bieri
Center for Space and Habitability, BernStudying the effect of AGN driven outflows on a stellar-feedback regulated ISM
2nd Nov 2022Thomas Collett
University of PortsmouthCosmology with strong gravitational lenses.
19th Oct 2022Sandro Tacchella
University of CambridgeSpatially and temporally resolving the wondrous lives of galaxies
8th Aug 2022Andrew Robertson
NASA JPLTrying to understand the dark stuff
29th Jul 2022Louis Strigari
Texas A&M The Dynamic Local Universe
8th Jun 2022Yohan Dubois
IAP-ParisSimulating galaxies at high resolution in their cosmological context with NewHorizon: methods and some key results on galaxy properties and their morphology
1st Jun 2022Brooke Simmons
Lancaster UniversityGalaxies, Black Holes, and the Data Challenges of the Next Decade
25th May 2022Sarah Ballard
Uni. of FloridaThe Lifetimes of Planetary Systems around Small Stars
18th May 2022Alex Ji
University of ChicagoDwarf Galaxy Archaeology in the Gaia Era
11th May 2022Catherine Zucker
STScIRevealing the Star Formation History of our Solar Neighborhood
4th May 2022Rob Crain
Liverpool John Moores University The coupled roles of halo assembly history, black hole growth and circumgalactic gas expulsion in governing galaxy evolution
23rd Feb 2022Dan Weisz
UC BerkeleyThe Frontier of Low-Mass Galaxy Formation
9th Feb 2022Giulia Despali
ITA, HeidelbergObserving dark matter with strong gravitational lensing
19th Jan 2022Tillman Troster
Uni. of EdinburghConstraining baryon feedback and cosmology with a joint analysis of KiDS-1000 weak lensing and the thermal Sunyaev Zeldovich effect
15th Dec 2021Will Percival
Uni. of Waterloo Measuring the cosmological growth of structure with Redshift-Space Distortions
1st Dec 2021Pat Kelly
Uni. of MinnesotaGalaxy Cluster Lenses as Extreme Probes
24th Nov 2021Else StarkenburgUni. of Groningen Probing the early Milky Way with the Pristine survey
17th Nov 2021Chiara Spiniello
Uni of OxfordRelics of the ancient Universe: old ultra-compact massive galaxies as local laboratories to study the first phases of galaxy formation
10th Nov 2021Alexie LeauthadUC Santa CruzCosmology, Correlations, and Conundrums
3rd Nov 2021Ravit Helled
ZurichFormation, Evolution, and Interiors of Giant Planets: The Solar System and Beyond
27th Oct 2021Matt Middleton
Uni of SouthamptonULXs and their role in understanding the most extreme forms of accretion
20th Oct 2021Tracy Slatyer
MITThe search for dark matter in gamma rays
9th Jun 2021Crystal Martin
UC Santa BarbaraThe Impact of Gas Flows on Galaxy Evolution: Selected Observations from Dense Star Clusters to the Circumgalactic Medium
2nd Jun 2021Kathryn Johnston
Columbia Uni/CCA FlatironSnails Across Scales: Gaia, the Galaxy and Galactic Dynamics
26th May 2021Joakim Rosdahl
CRAL, LyonThe galaxies ionizing the SPHINX universe
19th May 2021Rafaella Morganti
ASTRON, GroningenRadio jets in galaxies: life and impact
12th May 2021Sherry Suyu
MPACosmology and Stellar Physics with Gravitational Lens Time Delays
24th Feb 2021Sandy Faber
UC Santa CruzA Schematic Model for Black Hole Growth and Galaxy Quenching
17th Feb 2021Phil Hopkins
Caltech, USFrom Micro to Macro: Feedback, Cosmic Rays, and Dust and how they Change the Universe
10th Feb 2021Martin White
UC Berkeley, USCosmology before noon
3rd Feb 2021Jo Bovy
Uni of Toronto, CanadaConstraining the nature of dark matter with stellar streams in the Milky Way
27th Jan 2021Sera Markoff
GRAPPA (Amsterdam)Putting the hair on black holes: connecting EHT results to broader questions in accretion
20th Jan 2021Anita Zanella
INAF-Padova, ItalyA contribution of star-forming regions and satellites to the galaxy mass assembly
9th Dec 2020Anna Lisa Varri
Uni of EdinburghRethinking the dynamical paradigm of low-mass stellar systems
2nd Dec 2020Priya NatarajanYale University, US
25th Nov 2020Peng Oh
UC Santa Barbara Zooming in on CGM microphysics
18th Nov 2020Jason Rhodes
JPL, Nasa The Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope: Dark Energy and Exoplanets
11th Nov 2020Kristine Spekkens
Queens University & RMCAtomic Gas in Dwarf Galaxies as a Cosmological Probe
28th Oct 2020Charlie Conroy

CfA, HarvardMapping the Galaxy with the H3 Survey
21st Oct 2020Benjamin Jachimi

UCLKiDS-1000: Cosmology from combined galaxy surveys
14th Oct 2020Caitlin Casey

UT AustinThe Obscured Universe in the first Two Billion Years
7th Oct 2020Freeke van de Voort

Cardiff UniversityCosmic gas flows in the circumgalactic medium around Milky Way-like galaxies
26th Sep 2020Lucia Fonseca de la bella

University of ManchesterThe journey of Limber and the SkyPy project
3rd Jun 2020James Bullock
UC IrvineDid Outflows and Feedback Shape the Stellar Halo and Thick Disk of the Milky Way?
27th May 2020Matt Hilton

University of KwaZulu-NatalGalaxy clusters in the time of big surveys
20th May 2020Evan Schneider

PrincetonThe Origin of Multiphase Galaxy Outflows
13th May 2020Adam Riess

JHU/STScIThe Present Expansion rate of the Universe, Evidence of New Physics?
6th May 2020Katelin Schutz

MITMaking dark matter out of light: the cosmology of freeze-in
26th Feb 2020Isobel Hook
Lancaster UniversityCosmology with supernovae: past, present and future
19th Feb 2020Huub Rottgering
Leiden ObservatoryLOFAR Surveys: a new window on the Universe
12th Feb 2020Erminia Calabrese
University of CardiffCosmology and Astrophysics from the Cosmic Microwave Background: present and future results from the Atacama Desert
5th Feb 2020Natasha Maddox
LMU, MunichThe MeerKAT MIGHTEE survey: AGN, star formation, and neutral gas in the SKA era
29th Jan 2020Justin ReadUniversity of SurreyDark Matter Heats Up in Dwarf Galaxies
22nd Jan 2020Rick Edelson
University of MarylandIntensive Accretion Disk Reverberation Mapping of Active Galactic Nuclei
15th Jan 2020Carole MundellUniversity of BathBig bangs and black holes - frontiers of space science in a real-time world
11th Dec 2019James AllisonOxfordThe First Large Absorption Survey in HI: Solving the evolutionary history of cold gas since z = 1
20th Nov 2019Jorge Peñarrubia
University of EdinburghDark microhaloes in the Milky Way
13th Nov 2019Andrey Kravtsov
University of ChicagoHow galaxies form stars
6th Nov 2019Eugene Lim
King's College LondonChallenging Inflation
30th Oct 2019Vid Iršič
IoA, CambridgeSmall scale structure of the IGM: A Dark Matter Tale
23rd Oct 2019Jason Sanders
IoA, CambridgeOur multi-dimensional, time-evolving Galaxy
16th Oct 2019Debora Sijacki
IoA, CambridgeSupermassive black holes in all their guises
8th Oct 2019Andrés Piatti
Universidad Nacional de CordobaKinematics features of the Milky Way globular clusters
19th Jun 2019Florian Beutler
PortsmouthExpanding the BAO science case
12th Jun 2019Sylvain Veilleux
University of MarylandGalactic Winds and the Circumgalactic Medium
5th Jun 2019Jaime E. Forero-Romero
Los Andes UniversityCosmology and galaxy formation with the cosmic web
29th May 2019Bozena Czerny
Center for Theoretical Physics, Polish Academy of SciencesQuasars as the dark energy probes
22nd May 2019Myrto SymeonidisUCLFar-infrared emission from AGN and why this changes things
15th May 2019Marta Reina-Campos
University of HeidelbergFormation and evolution of stellar clusters in a cosmological context: the E-MOSAICS simulations
8th May 2019Weiguang Cui
The Royal Observatory, EdinburghThe Three Hundred project: a large catalogue of theoretically modelled galaxy clusters
6th Mar 2019Valentina D'Odorico
Istituto Nazionale di AstrofisicaThe role of the intergalactic medium in the baryon cycle
27th Feb 2019Harry Desmond
University of OxfordFifth force searches in galaxies
13th Feb 2019Vernesa Smolcic
University of ZagrebBlack hole mass growth across cosmic time: Insights from radio surveys
7th Feb 2019Torsten Enßlin
MPA GarchingInformation field theory - turning data into images
30th Jan 2019Daniele Vigano
University of the Balearic IslandsHow Giant Magnets Shine
9th Jan 2019Louise HowesLund UniversityAn introduction to 4MOST - the 4m Multi-Object Spectroscopic Telescope
5th Dec 2018Wyn EvansIoA, CambridgeThe Dark Matter Hurricane, the Gentle Giant and the Gaia Sausage
28th Nov 2018Eva-Maria MuellerUniversity of PortsmouthOptimal redshift weighting for large scale structure analysis and the eBOSS survey
21st Nov 2018Luigi GuzzoUniversity of MilanMeasuring large-scale structure in the Universe using galaxies