Centre for Extragalactic Astronomy

Current & Future Visitors

Here is a list of people currently visiting members of the CEA, or due to come in the next month (for your visitor to appear on here, they need to have been registered in the Departmental Database; normally Shufei/Lindsay will do this for you):

NameFrom whereVisiting whoRoomArrivalDeparture
Dr Fionagh ThomsonUniversity of Notre DameProf Richard MasseyOCW02401 Sep 202030 Aug 2021

Below are people working in collaboration with CEA members, but who are not physically in Durham, unless they are in the list above as well (for your visitor to appear on here, you must have registered them using the Collaborators Registration link within the Departmental Database.):

NameFrom whereAssociated withFromTo
Dr Jeanette GladstoneUniversity of AlbertaProf Tim Roberts09 Feb 201009 Feb 2025
Dr Dr. Alfie TileyUniversity of Western AustraliaProf Mark Swinbank22 Mar 201922 Mar 2022
Mr James WillisUniversity of TorontoProf Richard Bower05 Apr 201905 Apr 2022
Dr Marius CautunLeiden UniversityDr Alis Deason01 May 201901 May 2023
Dr Bitten GullbergOnsala/Chalmers Prof Ian Smail01 Oct 201930 Sep 2022
Dr Matteo FossatiUniversity of Milano-BicoccaProf David Alexander30 Apr 202030 Apr 2021