Centre for Extragalactic Astronomy

How to get to the Centre for Extragalactic Astronomy

University map of Durham City

Entrance to the Ogden Centre.
(the CEA is on the first floor)
Entrance Physics Department
Entrance to the
Physics Department

How to get to Durham from Newcastle Airport

The cheapest way to get from Newcastle Airport to Durham is to take the Metro train to Newcastle Central Station and then get a regular train to Durham. The metro takes about half-an-hour and the normal train takes 10-15 minutes. The trains are fairly regular from Newcastle to Durham (2 or 3 per hour). Cost of a single from the airport is £8.60 (as at 8/4/2016). It is also possible to take a taxi all the way, but this costs around £50.

Once at the Science Site:

The main entrance to the Science Site is on Stockton Road (B). If you are coming by car, a visitors parking permit must be arranged in advance - please fill in this form. Note that there is no vehicular access from this side of the Science Site to Physics - you will need to park in the Engineering car park (near (9)), or near Biological Sciences (11), and walk. If coming from town by foot you will probably meet the library (1) first, in which case just walk straight up past Geography (2). The Ogden Centre West (3a) is a separate building to the west of the main Physics building (3). The main entrance is on the north east corner. The CEA is on the middle (first) floor, and can be reached by lift or stairs.

Map Legend:

1) Main Library
2) Geography
3) Physics/Ogden Centre East
3a) Ogden Centre West
9) Engineering | Computer Science
11) Biological Science | Psychology
B) Stockton Road entrance