Centre for Extragalactic Astronomy

Request for PATT Travel Funds from PATT Roller

If you complete the form and submit it (using the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page), your request will be emailed to Alastair Edge.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Anyone going observing must submit a Viator on-line form (you will not be insured by the University unless you fill this out!). Members of staff should also ensure they have entered their details into the departmental Absence Database.

For information, here is the University Travel Insurance summary for 2015-16.

All costs should be given in GBP.

1. Your Name
2. Your email address
3. PATT Reference Number
4. Telescope (proof is required for non-STFC telescopes)
5. Date of run
6. Names of other Durham Observers
   and funding source (PATT, OF3, etc)
7. Are you paying for travel tickets by invoicing the Department?
Yes No
8. Do you require an advance before the observing run?
   If yes, please complete a white form ADV1

Yes No
9. Name of Person Authorising this Request?
10. Do you require more than the standard sum?
   If yes, explain why and complete questions 11-14

Yes No
(Standard Rates are: LaPalma £968, Hawaii £1280, Australia £1800, Chile £1480, HESS £1280)
11. Travel Costs
12. Subsistence Costs
13. Other Costs
(Tapes, Freight, Insurance: Please Specify)
14. Total Cost


Obtaining PATT Travel Grant Expenses
  1. All PATT Roller co-investigators are authorised to sign for standard PATT expenditure (ie, JRAS, RGB, PMC, ACE, JRL, SLM, RMM, KJO, TS, RMS, IRS, MJW).
  2. Each person who needs funds for a PATT observing run needs to submit an authorised Request for PATT Travel Funds form to Alastair Edge at the same time as making the travel arrangements for the run, irrespective of whether an advance is required or not. Proof of allocation of time should be attached for all non-STFC telescopes. If the request is for a telescope which is not approved by STFC for PATT funding then permission from the Chairman of PATT should be attached. Lists of telescopes which are currently STFC approved can be found here.
  3. The recommended way of making travel arrangements for PATT trips is via a University approved travel agency. You should settle your itinerary and cost with the travel agency and then ask Claire Davies to supply you with the travel order number to give to the travel agency for their invoice to the Department. Your Request for PATT Travel Funds form should indicate the cost of any tickets that may be invoiced directly to the Department by the travel agency. This sum will then be deducted from any standard advance you are requesting.
  4. The maximum number of nights' subsistence allowed additional to the nights of the observing run is listed at STFC's Guidelines for completion of PATT T&S form There may also be useful information on the STFC PATT page.
  5. if you are requesting more than the standard sum for a given site, then this should be indicated on the Request form and special approval obtained from the grant holder (TS). This includes freight charges for instrumentation, which should be recorded on just one observer's form.
  6. If you are requesting an advance, the white form ADV1 should be completed and signed by an authorised user. The form should then be given to Alastair Edge, preferably 3 weeks in advance of your departure date, who will forward them to Old Shire Hall. Any requested advance will be directly deposited into the observer's bank account
  7. As default, the PATT travel grant will only support one PATT-funded observer per run. The exception is where PATT has specifically agreed to more than one observer, either in response to a case being made in the PATT application form or by subsequent appeal to the Chairman of PATT. Also, projects which require LDSS++ and LDSS-2 are currently allowed two observers by STFC.
  8. PhD students are only funded for observing trips by PATT if the observations do not form part of their PhD preparation.
  9. After the completion of the observing run, the normal rules for University expenses apply. This means that all receipts plus an itemised breakdown of expenditure should be supplied. This information should be submitted on an expense claim form blue form for staff, pink form for students) indicating the final balance of expenses. In the case of underspending of any advance, a cheque for the balance should be included. Any expense claim over the standard sum is subject to the final approval of the grant holder. Even in the case where the balance of expenses after an advance is zero, an expense claim form has to be submitted to clear the advance. These items should be submitted as soon as possible after the run to Alastair Edge for forwarding to Old Shire Hall.
  10. A report on the scientific output for the may be required in advance of the 2 yearly review point of the PATT Rolling Grant