Foundations 2A: Quantum mechanics

The course book is Griffiths, An introduction to quantum mechanics. (2nd edition or international edition NOT 1st edition). Its utter genius at this level, and is a really nice grounding for the more formal quantum mechanics courses you will get later on.

Complete notes for each lecture are linked to this page - but I may update some as I go along. Lecture notes are NOT guaranteed typo-free (email me if you spot a maths typo, don't bother telling me about my spelling!).

Homeworks are FORMATIVE ie they do not count towards your degree. But they are required as part of keeping term and YOU are responsible for marking and uploading your marks. Your workshops are weekly (except for the 1st week) and are designed to give more support to your learning. These give you an opportunity to talk through things you don't understand on either the homeworks or the lectures in small groups with your peers or with a tutor or me. There are also workshop questions to give you more practice with the material. Attendance at workshops is required - again its part of keeping term - but they do NOT count towards your degree marks, so you can ask any question without fearing you'll be marked down for stupidity.

All this formative work is great in terms of giving you responsibility - you get to choose how to spend the time and you choose which things that you think will most benefit your understanding. But its possible to think everything is OK with understanding when its not. So to catch this, we have a midterm test. These again are FORMATIVE but they are marked by the workshop team, and they give you an external check on your progress. midterm test revision notes

Lecture 1:
A quick review of L1

double slit
adding waves to localise
Lecture 2:
Normalisation of &Psi and expectation values
Lecture 3:
Lecture 4:
Time independent Schroedinger equation
reflection animation
infinite potential
Lecture 5:
General solution of the Schroedinger equation
Lecture 6:
superposition of energy eigenstates

superposition animation
expansion in eigenstates
Lecture 7:
Central 1D potentials

finite/infinite comparison
cat ladder
harmonic oscillator wavefunctions
Lecture 8:
Formalism and Schroedinger in 3D
Lecture 9:
3D infinite square well, 3D polars
2D square well potential (x,y)
Lecture 10:
Angular momentum
Lecture 11:
Spherical harmonics
vector model for L2 and Lz
polar diagrams of Ylm
Lecture 12:
Hydrogen and the Isoelectronic sequence
mathematica online for plotting
3D orbitals
Lecture 13:
Hydrogen observables
Transitions between energy levels in Hydrogen
Lecture 14:
Generalised angular momentum and electron spin
Fine splitting
Stern-Gerlach experiment
Lecture 15:
Midterm Test
Lecture 16:
Non-degenerate perturbation theory
Lecture 17:
Degenerate perturbation theory 1
Lecture 18:
Degenerate perturbation theory 2
Lecture 19:
Application to Hydrogen 1
Lecture 20:
adding angular momenta
Lecture 21:
Application to Hydrogen 2
delta function in 3D
Lecture 22:
Application to Hydrogen 3
fine structure+lamb shift
including hyperfine
summary of all
Lecture 23:
Momentum space wavefunctions (heisenburg uncertainty)
superposition gaussian wavepacket
gaussian wavepacket spreading
Lecture 24:
Meaning of quantum mechanics: Schroedingers cat

Lecture 25:
Revision notes (3rd term)

video lecture

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